Shaumbra And Facebook

Shaumbra are creating a town on Facebook. For ease of this discussion I will name that town, Crimson. On closer inspection of the town of Crimson I found that the town planner had laid it out in a perfect Circle.

At its center lays The Crimson Circle University. Represented on Facebook by the Official Crimson Circle page, membership 11 559. Here you will find access to the President, Prof Geoffrey Hoppe, Dean of Students, Mrs. Linda Hoppe, also wife of the President; as well as the University Librarian, Prof Jean Tinder and many other tenured professors.

The town of Crimson also has a fairly large town square. Represented on Facebook by Crimson Circle on Facebook, members 5194. It’s a public group, hence Town Square. No fences here, not even any short walls it seems. A big open space for the citizens of Crimson to mingle, share ideas, make connections. Now it’s probably important to note that as it’s a public space you can also sometimes find the odd delivery man, just passing through making a delivery to the local Art shop, or the plumber, who happens to be married to a professor at the University, but he’s just here in the town of Crimson because every town needs a good plumber.

Whilst observing the town square I bumped into an older gentleman, rather scruffy looking, but with friendly eyes. He told me just last week, the plumber called out another Shaumbra on the town square. It seemed he has taken issue with the proclamation that “It doesn’t matter”. It caused a bit of an uproar, he said. But it’s a public space, everyone is welcome. He shrugged his shoulders and walked off. I’m not sure why, but I followed him.

Down the road from the Square and around a corner I saw him enter a pub. Emblazoned over the entrance it read. Shaumbra Pirates. Members 2163. Phew I thought, that’s a lot of pirates in one pub. But I know these guys, these are my guys. So I hooked up my skirt and entered the Hall of Pirates. Inside I was met with a smoky room, music blaring and a very busy bar. All around the room, around small round tables, huddled Pirates. Every shape and size and age you can imagine. The occasional “FUCK” could be heard above the din, it appears there’s a game going on in the back and someone is losing.

I found the gentleman from the Square behind the bar. Ah! You found us, he said as he locked eyes with me. He’s since acquired an eye patch. Very Pirate. IAMJaziel, he shouts over the din of the crowd. Want a drink?!

I pinched myself, then ordered the meanest looking rum from behind the bar and settled in. A little later, things settle down, and Jaziel joined me at the bar. I asked him about the Pirates and he pointed me to the corner of the room where I could see a piece of paper behind some glass. I walk over and see it’s a proclamation. It reads:

This is a place for those who cannot and will not hold back for anyone’s sake and who will not be told to.
They take care of their Own Safe Space, rely on no one, and see other Shaumbra as their equals on this journey.
On the deck on their ships, with their glittery treasures, they stand proud with their scars and salute the passing ships with a deep and resounding “Aaaarggghh” !

For fucks sake don’t hold back…
Curse if you have to, cry your angry tears,
let laughter be the air that you breathe.
The waters will receive you as you are, wounds and all, no new scars.
To me, the new way of being together, are each and every-one’s own responsibility.

You are the One That Matter..
It’s up too you how it will be, are we ready for this… and yeah…
I believe we are…
Jaziel ❤

I turn back to Jaziel, but he’s not there, and I see the pub is closing. I nod my head at the proclamation before heading out the door. These are my people, I’ll be back.

After my night with the Pirates, I mused that it’s not so strange to find the rebels at a University. Universities throughout Earth’s history has been the place where rebels came together and changed their very worlds.

I head back to the information center (read Search function on Facebook) in order to further explore the town of Crimson.

I find out that on the other side of town there was a satellite campus for Italian Shaumbra, with a very healthy 3136 members in their closed group.

The town boasts a very active Art community, represented by Shaumbra Art Work, 1272 Members in their closed group.

And as with most little towns, there’s also a Marketplace. I read at the information center that the Marketplace is a fairly new addition to the town, which shows in its 723 members.

The more I looked the more I realized that the town of Crimson is bustling. There are over 39 Groups using Crimson Circle in its title. And another whopping 113 Groups using Shaumbra in its title. 152 Shaumbra Groups on Facebook. And growing…

You see now Shaumbra groups aren’t even using these terms for their groups. The Masters Hub is a perfect example of a new group that has been created quite recently and already with a very healthy 228 Members. Who knows how many more there are like this one.

I look at my watch and startle! I’m going to miss my appointment with the University’s CEO. I hurry over to the Master’s Club where I was told to meet Professor Adamus. When I arrive he’s not there. I look around but the club is empty. So I stroll around the back into the garden, and that’s where I find him.

Prof. Adamus: So what do you think of our little town?

Me: I love the University, I think I’d like to work there.

Prof. Adamus: That’s the general plan. (winking) Walk with me…

He starts to stroll through the garden at a leisurely pace before continuing.

Prof. Adamus: You said you loved the University, but what about the town?

Me: It’s a University town, like most others. I just have to find my people. And actually, I think I might have already this afternoon.

Prof. Adamus: Ah you found the Pirates, that’s good. You’ll fit right in.

Me: There seems to be a fair amount of drama in places though, I though Crimson wouldn’t have those issues as other towns do?

Prof. Adamus: As you said, a town like most others, AND like none other in the world. Remember that.

Me: I will.

Prof. Adamus: So are you ready to enter the Master’s program?

Me: I think I already did.

Prof. Adamus: That’s my girl!

We walked on for a short while before parting ways.

It is a town like most others. AND a town like none other. I will remember that.




2 thoughts on “Shaumbra And Facebook

  1. You are a great Tale-teller Juniper
    & I really enjoyed reading it & Yes I love the Diversity in our little town,
    You are always welcome to the Pub. to joins with a drink or two.
    Come and sit at the bar whenever you want,
    the door is always open for everyone that are in town.
    Just have whatever you want to have, there are no limits here.
    So, please just come as you are, that’s why we’re here 🙂
    Even when I am not there we have a 24/7 service.

    Remember: You are the One That Matter..
    It’s up too you how it will be, are we ready for this… and yeah…
    I believe we are…

    Thank you for you recommendation of our little Pub


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