The iMagining of Juniper

A play in 4 Acts

Act 1: In the beginning, there was Jenny

Somewhere to the east of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa; in a nondescript suburb, Annie went into labor. It was a typical hot December’s day, late in the afternoon.

And it was Friday.

And it was the 13th.

But this wasn’t on Annie’s mind at that precise moment…birthing is hard, so she focused on her second child now claiming its birth right.

Labor went on for hours deep into the night. Annie became concerned when she found the baby had lodged itself sideways across the womb. Stuck and refusing to budge. The experienced nurses consoled her with humor. This little one doesn’t want to be born on Friday the 13th, they joked.

Annie would tell this story to Jenny throughout her life at various stages. The story of the day she came into the world. And so the story goes, that at exactly 20 minutes past midnight, after hours of coaxing, pushing and screaming on Saturday, December 14th we took our first breath.

When it came time to name us, Annie reached for a name she’d been hearing over and over on the radio of late. It’s 1974 and Donovan has a hit with Jennifer Juniper. A string of Jennifer’s are to descend upon the world for better or worse.

And so the potential of me, Juniper, faded to the background; as Jennifer took her first steps into what would become The Lifetime.

Jenny was cute as a button, funny, smart, courteous and inquisitive. She was a prodigious Why-asker. And so it didn’t seem strange to her at 8 years of age, in a Religious studies class at school, to ask the simple question: “How do we know the Bible is real and not just made up?”

I laugh now thinking back on that day, and the response poor Jenny received. Not as you would expect from her teacher, but from her fellow classmates. They immediately turned on her, gasping, pointing, yelling all manner of religious non-sense about the word of God, and how it’s blasphemous to even suggest such a thing.

Needless to say Jenny sat down utterly embarrassed and never asked such silly questions in school again. No, what she did instead was reach deep into her rebel self, and say FUCK IT. If you’re not even going to consider answering my question, I’ll answer it for myself.

That day changed Jenny. No longer so eager to make A’s in a school system that seemed to SUCK! And so by the time she reached high school, she was very good at surfing the academic wave, with as little input as possible.

She was lucky though and enjoyed her high school years immensely. An early encounter with a truly crazy Math’s teacher; helped her find her place. She loved math and was very good at it. And then there was the music. When at 16, she was given the choice of 6 subjects, she quickly petitioned her principal to allow her to do 2 music subjects, Piano as first instrument, and Percussion as second instrument. This choice freed up many long hours that would have been spent in a classroom. Instead it was spent playing instruments! A pure joy that made high school a dream!

But for the most part, she was a misfit at high school, even though she could name the Head Girl as one of her posse of 4 girlfriends. She was a rebel at heart and even took on a teacher and a principal when they behaved in a way she found unbecoming of a Gentleman.

When she finally reached college she re-made herself in the hope that this time she would fit in. But alas, she found college for the most part, BORING AS FUCK! So she did what most bored students around the known universes do, she drank, danced and fell in love!

Jenny was a late bloomer in the sex department, having come from a very conservative and religious area, where sex was considered a for-marriage-only kind of affair. When she met the archetypal biker boy, with a crooked smile and pretty blue eyes, she fell. HARD.

This relationship was pivotal. It would span 4 and a half years, two of which were spent in England. It would eventually meet its end in W14, London, in a basement flat share.

And the end was ugly.

And it was at this end, at age 24 that Jenny’s story ends, and Jennifer’s story begins.

End of Act 1


Act 2 – Jenny becomes Jennifer

Heart-broken lying on the floor of her small room, in the basement flat share in London, Jenny became Jennifer. She had come to London to travel, she’d been here 2 years with the biker boy and gone nowhere. She was pissed. So once more she reached deep within for the rebel.

She picked her heart-broken and drunk body up off the floor and started planning her journey. She would courageously climb onto a bus heading to Europe, by herself, heart-sore and utterly depressed.

Paris was grey and held little interest. It felt too much like London, only the Louvre had the ability to brighten her day. She spent hours, just trawling down the many hallways of art.

In Nice, she stared opened mouthed at what the French called a beach! Pebbles…everywhere. She sat on the pebbles and communed with the ocean. Living in London, she’d not seen the ocean since she left home. Here she took her first breath.

In Venice, she has her first encounter with real Italian Pizza! Here she allowed herself her first smile. God she loves pizza! And with that smile, she ventured out into Venice and lost herself in the maze of streets. No money for fancy gondola rides, she walked and walked and walked….

From Venice she hopped on a ferry to Greece. On the island of Pathos, she rented a scooter and allowed herself an entire day of exploring the island. All seemed well in the world. And then the wheels came off.

It was the middle of the night and it was hot, too hot for Jennifer’s comfort.  So she grabbed her sleeping bag and pillow and headed up to the roof of the building. On the roof it was still hot, but at least there was a slight movement of air. On that roof she lay looking at the stars and become utterly overcome with grief and sadness. She cried all night until the sun came up. And then… she used a lifeline. She called a friend.

I can’t do it anymore I want to go home! Jennifer implored to her friend in London.

Ok then. But first go see the Sistene Chapel, her friend said, ever so casually.

Jennifer took a breath, and said Yes! Rome, the Sistene Chapel and then home. And not just London, home to Cape Town.

Utterly defeated, Jennifer flew from Athens to Rome. No more bussing, she had to see the Sistene Chapel so she could go home. In and out…no dawdling, she thought.

Jennifer was now ready to have a really magical experience, with Rome. Not that she knew this when she arrived. It took a while. It took a day of dawdling through Rome.

I know this place… Jennifer would think as she turned yet another random corner on the street of Rome. I know, I know this place… It was an utterly weird and wonderful sensation. A new sensation. In Rome, Jennifer allowed herself her first feeling of hope. There is magic in the world, she thought. Everything is not as it seems.

When she was done with Rome, she hopped a flight to London. As the plane came taxing into the airport, Jennifer spotted her country’s flag on the tail of another airplane. And burst into tears.

I have to go home, she thought. And so she did.

And yet again, life had other plans. The opportunity to go to the States came around, and she grabbed it. She would go work at a summer camp as a counsellor. She had no idea what she would do there, but she knew she needed to go.

It was at that summer camp in a forest in Maine, counselling and living with twenty 13 year old girls, that Jennifer found the healing she needed to start mending her broken heart.

Once back in Cape Town, she got straight to work. At 25 she was ready to take on the world. And hopefully in the process figure out who she was, and why she was here. This particular why…the why here, why now was back in full force.

She would find her way into a new field, online shopping. She loved it and excelled in her job. This did not go unnoticed and so she was mentored for bigger things in the company. It would be a good ride.

That was work. As for the question, things developed more strangely.

The universe was presenting the potentials for her to learn about Reiki, Astrology, Wicca, Crystals and tarot, to name but a few. She eagerly grabbed every opportunity that came her way. Each facet of the mysteries held a kernel of truth.

When someone handed her a book entitled “The Human Pin Code” her world shifted. Hidden within the pages of this book was her energy language. She recognised it immediately and showed a natural talent for it. So she became the student once more. This time on her terms.

Jennifer expanded now ready for the next part of her journey, armed with an energy language that allowed her to more skilfully navigate her way through human life. She was ready for the next act.

End of Act 2


ACT 3 – Jennifer finds The Crimson Circle

Jennifer couldn’t wait to turn 30. She was so ready to be done with the twenties and get on with it already!

With thirty came love and change.

Finally ready to open her heart once more, Alex walked into her life. Here was a man like none she had ever met. A voice deep inside her said: grab him and don’t let go! Jennifer now armed with an energy language which allowed her to see the energy synergy with Alex, did just that.

He would show her there are many more potentials than she had allowed herself to see.

With her love life looking up and shining light on new potentials, her work life was becoming more difficult to endure. Corporate life had run its course, it was time for a change. Jennifer handed in her notice, walked out of corporate life and never looked back.

She hadn’t been able to find another job, but left anyway. She had no idea where she would end up. And yet, she trust herself and the universe. Everything is going to work out, she told herself.

And off course so it did. No more than one month after leaving corporate life, she entered the film industry.

Let me put it to you this way. She was an odd shaped peg, and she had finally found an odd shaped hole. She fit, for maybe the first time in her life; here surrounded by a collection of misfits, she fit.

Jennifer’s spiritual journey had taken many twists and turns in the preceding years, which forced her to learn how to discern. She read a large volume of spiritual books, articles and channellings at a ferocious pace. Always seeking more information. She was an open satellite waiting to be presented the next step.

And so it was that Jennifer was playing hostess to a group of Alex’s friends from Malawi. The energy in the room was vibrating at a very high rate.

Whilst preparing dinner, a girl from the group joined her for conversation. It was one of those fabulous occasions when you meet someone your soul knows. Hence conversation crossed many topics but inevitably landed on the spiritual.

“What are you reading at the moment?” the girl asked.

“Actually, at the moment, I’m primarily reading channelled information.” Jennifer said shrugging. “However, I have found it’s becoming harder and harder to find something that truly resonates. You know what I mean?”

The girl from Malawi looked across the counter into Jennifer’s eyes and said:

“Have you heard of the Crimson Circle?”

“No”, Jennifer said.

And as the girl told of Tobias having recently left, soft bells started ringing in Jennifer’s head.

There’s a new master now, his name is Adamus St Germaine. The bells increased in Jennifer’s head.

On hearing about the monthly meetings available free on the internet, and the library of past recordings, Jennifer knew she’d have to at least check it out.

And so it is that Jennifer finally found her spiritual family. The family of the Rock. Shaumbra.

It didn’t take much convincing. She tried some of Tobias’ shouds, but couldn’t find hold in them. So she skipped to where Adamus took over, losing days catching up to the live sessions.

That’s not all she lost. One by one her favourite toys stopped working. The crystals were packed away, and the tarot too.

Then her guides left. Bye-bye guides.

Then her angels left. This was far harder to endure.

But endure it she did. She delved deep into herself to make the only connection that mattered. To find the true purpose of her soul. To be present.

Finding Adamus changed the game. Armed with the purpose of embodied enlightenment in this lifetime, Jennifer set about allowing The Lifetime to unfold.

End of Act 3


Act 4 – The iMagining of Juniper

In the 7 years that followed the introduction to Adamus, Jennifer put her head down and got serious about life.

Eventually she left freelancing in the film industry, when Alex’s company needed her skills. Still in the industry but now with much more free time, she returned to her energy language and started delving deeper. Adamus had been speaking about new energy and this sparked an exploration of her language that led her to the conclusion that it needed re-newing. It was now so obvious to her, that it was bogged down in old energy, and was begging to be set free.

The transformation of that energy language, ultimately led to my imagining.

With her relationship to Alex now in its tenth year and stronger than ever, Jennifer started stretching her bounds. She’d become bored during the recent monthly shouds and it was bugging her.

Then in March of 2016, Adamus asked a seemingly simple question. Which came first: Choice or Acceptance.

A series of events unfolded after this shoud culminating in Jennifer precariously balanced on the side of a window painting a window frame. Her I AM decided this was a good time for an AHA moment.

Jennifer writes this about it in her journal:

“WHAM! It hit me. Have I truly accepted my choice? The answer surprised even me. No.”

This realisation set off a series of events that would lead Jennifer to the House of Keahak. She had come to a place where she now felt the acceptance flowing in and was ready for the next chapter.

We are now 3 months into that experience and the result is me!

Ok, Juniper you’d better let me take over from here.

Thanks Jennifer, see you on the flipside.

And so it is that Juniper tells Jennifer’s story and Jennifer tells Junipers.

End of Act 4

Coming next: Juniper goes to University

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