The Library

Juniper….Juniper time to get up!

Seriously Juniper are we going to do this every morning? WAKE UP!!!!

Aaaaoooowwwww!! Not so loud, UA. Juniper sat up in bed holding her pounding head. A hangover was a new experience. What happened, she thought, as she flumped back into bed.

You shouldn’t have accepted that last cocktail from Master Ahaaahh!! I tried to warn you.

The images from last night started to take focus. After the opening of the House of Keahak and a short, introductory message from Prof Adamus, the Masters of the House got down to the very important business of getting to know each other. And so it went that the rather formal beginnings of the evening, quickly descended into a raucous party!

The House, all too eager to ensure all Master’s needs were met, was showing off. It made for some hilarious sights. Juniper recalls seeing a plate of chocolate cupcakes float overhead to what could only be described as a gaggle of Masters drinking bottomless cups of steaming hot coffee. The cupcakes landed ever so lightly on the table in front of them, as though it had always been there. In a corner to the right of this a cupboard had appeared filled with never ending fancy dress. Hats seemed to be the order of the evening.

On the opposite side of the front room where the festivities were taking place was a bar. Another magical bar it seems much like the one in the Pirates Pub. Drinks of all shapes, sizes and colour would phase into being as a Master stepped up to retrieve it.

Juniper was standing near the bar staring at this wonder when a new drink started taking shape. First a bulbous crystal goblet appeared, and then slowly it filled with a liquid rainbow ribbon. Juniper’s curiosity made her step closer to the drink to gaze into the rainbow in a goblet. This was how she met Master Ahaahh!!, who at that moment stepped up to collect her drink.

Juniper jumped back embarrassed at having been caught staring.

“Hi there! Like my new creation? I call it Rainbow’s Beginning! I AM Master Ahaahh!!” The Master lifted her drink and toasted the room, before taking a long swig from the crystal goblet. The effect was even more mind boggling than the drink. Smiling brightly, Master Ahaahh!! started beaming rainbows. The effect reminded Juniper of a ray of light hitting a refracting crystal, only more… more rainbows, more colours, more dazzling! Rainbows filled the room to the greeted cheers of onlooking Masters.

After the effects had started to dim, Master Ahaahh!! approached Juniper with the goblet, “Want to try?” she asked, eyes glinting rainbows.

It was at this point that the memory of the rest of night became foggy. What happened, Juniper thought? Vague flashes of dancing on tables, drinking shots of UA only knows what at the bar, and… did we slide down the balustrades of the main staircase? Like kids?

Yes, yes and yes…I’m sorry to say.

Juniper smiled! It had been fun. She remembers laughing so hard it hurt.

By now, the banging in her head had subsided enough to get up and head for a shower. She took a moment to wonder at her room in the House of Keahak. Everything was exactly as she imagined it, precisely to her taste. It truly was a wonder.

Juniper relaxed under a magnificent shower of the purest water. The energy nurtured her body and washed away the last remnants of the hangover.

So UA, what’s on today’s schedule?

Introduction to the Library

Introduction? UA it’s a Library, why would I need to be introduced to it?

The Library is the most magical building at the CCU, and it’s alive.

So it’s like the House of Keahak?

The Library is much older…much …much… older. So no, it is not like the House of Keahak. It is alive with magic, it has a personality. You’ll see. Are you ready, I believe we are to meet the Librarian in 10 minutes?

10 MINUTES!! Damn UA why didn’t you say something…

You’d better run!


Juniper didn’t bother arguing with UA, rushed getting dressed, pulled on sneakers and ran.

Exiting her room slamming the door behind her, she ran down the main staircase, nodding at passing Masters and through the front door of the House of Keahak. Across the lawn and into the circular forest of trees. The trees seemed to wink as she passed and Juniper breathed deeper and pushed harder. The running was doing her good, she felt alive! The library, she thought, this is why I’m here. She nodded to the massive oak she met yesterday, as she passed onto the circular lawn in front of the main University building.

As she entered the main building she slowed to a brisk walk. She had studied the map last night before the rainbow drink, so she knew where she was heading.

At the far end of the main circular building she saw the words LIBRARY engraved across the top of an arched entranceway.

A small group of students were gathering near the entrance. Juniper walked to join them. And just in time.

She was about to ask another student if this was indeed the Introduction to the Library group, when The Librarian floated up to greet them.

“Good morning Shaumbra!” The Librarian was floating several inches above the ground, “And welcome to The Library of the Crimson Circle University. As you have no doubt been told a formal introduction to The Library is required. You will be called one at a time.” The Librarian moved to float under the entrance archway.

One by one the Shaumbra were called forward, the process of introduction seemed to involve placing your hand on the archway before moving through into The Library. Simple, Juniper thought as she heard her name being called, “Ms Juniper Tree”

Juniper took a deep breath as she approached The Librarian and The Library.

“Good morning Ms Tree, please place your hand on the archway and respond to The Library.”

Now utterly baffled, Juniper did as The Librarian asked and placed her hand on the smooth wood of the archway into The Library.

Juniper felt a warmth spread through her hand and up her arm as she felt The Library communicate STATE YOUR NAME.

Juniper felt UA in that moment, and responded, “I AM UA Juniper Tree”.


Yes Juniper thought as she felt UA respond Yes also.


The warmth retracted from Juniper’s arm leaving only tingles in her fingertips. Juniper looked up at The Librarian, who smiled and gestured for Juniper to enter The Library.

The sight of The Library left Juniper slack jawed and in awe. It’s main building circular with arms stretching out like the rays of the sun. Books lined the walls from floor to ceiling. But that is where the similarity to normal libraries ended. The place was busy and rather noisy! Bird-like gargoyle administrators flew overhead carrying volumes of text to and fro delivering them to waiting students working at desks lining the North wall of the main circular building. It was chaos in a bizarrely ordered way.

“Right Shaumbra”, The Librarian floated up to the small group, “before I let you lose upon The Library, we have to cover the workings of The Shoud Visitation Room. Please step up to the balustrade and look down.” The Librarian moved to the circular balustrade that created the inner ring of The Library. Juniper followed and looked down.

The Librarian continued with her induction, “The Shoud Visitation Room is open to use by any Shaumbra. The Bon Magic of the Room will transport you to any given Shoud of your choosing. It is advised that once you enter a Shoud you remain for its duration. If your research requires you to cover many shouds in a short space of time, please rather use the texts and audio available in The Stacks to your right.” The group followed her pointing hand to take in The Stacks she mentioned.

“Shaumbra!” The Librarian brought everyone’s attention back to her, “The Visitation Room’s Bon Magic means that you will experience time differently once you enter it. It opens another dimension, so you can fully immerse yourself in the Shoud’s magic. For this reason you will be required to sign in before entering the room, and again out once you have completed. This is for your safety. Also, those in 3D attendance will be unaware of your presence, mostly, however you may encounter others in the SVR’s dimension. Please keep interactions short.” The Librarian moved to the right where an Administrator gargoyle was perched with a clipboard. “An Administrator will always be present at the entrance to record your entry and exit.”

“Any questions?”

Juniper couldn’t resist. “Madam Librarian?!”

“It’s just, Librarian, Juniper. Do you have a question?”

“Uhm, yes. Why all the security?”

“Actually it’s probably better that you know this. This warning is not given lightly. When the Visitation Room was first installed, there was no safety measures. Students would spend days in the room visiting one shoud after the other, without any break. Now as I said, the room’s Bon Magic means that time and space are stretched and do not behave as they do on the outside. Students started losing track of their lives outside the room. It created imbalances; so safety measures were installed.” The Librarian turned to Juniper, “Does that answer your question Ms Tree?”

Juniper swallowed under the weight of the stare and simple nodded.

“Good!” The Librarian now smiled and spread her arms wide, “The Library awaits you!” before turning and floating off, leaving the group of Shaumbra to disperse into various directions.

Now what? Juniper thought as she moved back to the balustrade to peer down into the Visitation Room. The room looked like a cylindrical glass chamber currently dark on the inside so you couldn’t see inside. All around the outside were doors leading into the chamber. I’ve got to try this, she thought.

Juniper felt UA’s giggle run up the back of her spine. I am here. Let’s do it.

Buoyed by UA’s enthusiasm to join in the experience, Juniper headed straight for the awaiting clip boarded gargoyle administrator, guarding the staircase leading down to the Visitation Room.

“Good morning Administrator. I am Juniper Tree and would like to enter the Visitation Room.” Juniper beamed.

The winged-monkey gargoyle administrator pulled a quill from behind its ear to write on the clip board it was clutching in its left hand. “And which shoud will you be visiting?” it asked.

Oh, now that’s a good question, Juniper thought. UA?

The [NEXT] Series. Shoud 4. The Return to Magic.

Well that sounds appropriate. Juniper repeated UA’s suggestion to the waiting administrator.

“Right then Ms Tree, you may proceed down the stairs to the Visitation room. The door leading to your chosen shoud will be glowing purple. Please do not enter through any other door.”

Juniper ducked under the administrators wings and proceeded down the spiral staircase to the awaiting Visitation Room. As her foot touched the wooden floor she felt a purple glow to her right. There it was… the glowing purple door that would lead to The Return to Magic. This was very exciting.

Wasting no time, Juniper opened the glowing door and stepped into November 6, 2010. Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado.

Juniper immediately regretted not breathing before stepping through the door. The feeling of travelling by BON immediately hit her, push, pull, stretch, squash….. UA!!

I am here. And so are you! Open your eyes.

Juniper opened her eyes to find she was standing with her back to the wall facing into the meeting room for the Shoud. The Shaumbra were milling around chatting and drinking refreshments. It was the break before the channel would begin. They were a colourful bunch today, dressed in a variety of costumes. But they were not alone.

UA! Are my eyes deceiving me? There seems to be fairies and sprites and elementals and…Juniper scanned the room taking note of all the magical creatures present. In the back under a table a bearish sized grey wolf was curled up, apparently fast asleep. She took in all the sights around the room when her eyes fell on a creature in the corner.


Relax Juniper. It’s only The Qilin. Let’s go over and say hello, he’ll be displeased if we don’t, it would be considered rude.

RUDE?! But What Is He!?

Don’t be silly Juniper you know what The Qilin is… remember?

Juniper took a moment, tilting her head to the side to get a better look at the creature in the corner.

At first glance you would think horse, but then you’d be forced to acknowledge the electric green scales covering the body and the sight of flames appearing chaotically along it. And that wasn’t all, its face had more the look of a dragon, whilst the long mane and tail again very horse-like. It was the raindeer-like antler growing from the centre of the forehead that finally sealed it.


It’s a unicorn? Juniper mused.

Well that took you long enough. Yes Juniper, it’s a unicorn. Now go over there so I can say hello.

Juniper moved carefully along the edge of the room towards The Qilin. A vague memory of riding him as another being popped into her mind but popped straight out again before she could grab hold of it.

Reaching the unicorn in the corner, UA made her presence felt.

I Am Here. Greetings Qilin of the East.

Greetings UA. It’s been too long my dear friend.

Indeed Qilin, too long. You are well I see.

I AM. Magic is finally coming back with new vigour, it’s exciting to witness.

It is indeed. I wish we had more time to catch up old friend, but we should find a place to settle before St. Germain arrives.

Indeed UA and there appears to be a seat waiting for you right in front. Look there next to the Pharoah.

UA turned and Juniper saw the empty seat right in front of the stage. Right, she thought, front and centre then.

Juniper quickly and carefully moved to the empty seat and settled herself in for the Shoud just in time as Ascended Master Adamus St Germain said:

‘I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.’

Juniper concentrated on the lesson of the shoud. Wondering all the while when Adamus would turn to the topic at hand…magic. It wasn’t until nearly the end of the shoud, after first discussing Pressure, Patterns, Destiny and Purpose that he finally reached the subject Juniper was most interested in. She perked up as he said:

‘It’s time that magic come back to this Earth. Magic does several things. It opens the corridors between the dimensions. These are dimensional beings, generally nonphysical, magical beings. They come now to work with humans on Earth who are just for the joy of it – just for joy – creating the New Earth, just because you can. They are going to be in the air, in the Earth, in the water, all around you. They’re coming into your dream state – if you allow them. They’re coming into your imagination – if you use it. They’re not here to give you answers; they’re here to play. They’re here to help you move into dimensions that you’ve never gone into before, to help you expand out of your mind.’

Too soon the session was concluding, and Adamus St Germain wrapped it up with:

“Bringing back the magic right now, and all of these magical beings, are also what a lot of what you would call the Crystal Children, the new ones coming in, it’s what gives them their playthings, helps them stay in the imagination. Actually, if you could imagine a being who’s never been on Earth before coming in for their first incarnation, going through a lot of training in the New Earth schools, but coming in for the first time and feeling the harsh, harsh reality of Earth – just like you were feeling before, going deep down into the water, that extreme pressure on your body, sense of confusion and disorientation – by bringing these magical beings back right now will make it so much easier for them, will make it so much more comfortable and soothing for them.

Do it for yourself. Bring back the magic for you, but you’re also doing it for the new ones.

With that, my dear friends, I’m off to a meeting in Florence. And remember all is well in all of creation, and therefore, I Am Adamus, in service to you.


And just like that Juniper found herself sitting on the floor of an empty Visitation room. The shoud over, the BON magic of the room spent, a door slowly opening to her left, inviting her to exit.

A little dazed from the sudden ejection from another reality, Juniper pushed herself to her feet and made her way out of the Visitation room, up the stairs to sign out with the winged-monkey administrator with awaiting clipboard and mutely walked out of The Library, through the Main building and onto the circular lawn out front, where she simply collapsed on the green grass and rolled onto her back.

It was night time and the stars were out in full display of their magnificence.


I am here Juniper.

That was intense. And … it’s night time!! How did that happen?

The Librarian warned you that the BON magic stretched time. The Visitation room is only for the odd occasion when you want to immerse yourself in all of the energies. I wanted you to experience that specific shoud. Do you know why?

Our thesis is about magic. And that shoud was bang full of magic ala Adamus St Germaine at his best!

Indeed, Adamus wove a special spell that evening to allow the magical creatures back into Shaumbra’s lives. We all yearn for the magic and now it is all around us.

Juniper closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. That was amazing!! Her thoughts turned to The Qilin. Will I see him again, she thought?

The Qilin will appear to you when you need a little extra wisdom Juniper. He’s an old friend and is always at hand to play, especially with magic. We will see him again. Now I think it’s best we head home don’t you? It’s been a long day.

Indeed, Juniper yawned, getting up and made her way towards the House of Keahak. This time at a leisurely walking pace. It was too dark to investigate the trees, and she was far too tired for that so straight to the residence she went.

As she neared The House, she saw The Librarian floating towards her.

“Good evening Librarian” Juniper managed respectfully as The Librarian arrived at the bottom stair of The House, and morphed. No longer floating, now grounded to the earth, gone was the stern authoritarian air, replaced by a gentler and far more mysterious energy.

“Good evening Juniper! I AM Mystera. We met earlier, when I was acting The Librarian. How was your first day in there? Didn’t get stuck anywhere I hope?!”

Juniper stood in wonder at the transformation that just occurred in front of her. Master Mystera must have noticed as she explained:

“I’ve been here a long time Juniper. I assume various roles and act the part as is required. But here…”she gestured to The House of Keahak, “here I get to express my truest self, as Mystera.”

In response to this gracious sharing of herself, Junipers stomach growled! How embarrassing!!

Master Mystera laughed out loud. “Come on! I can see you’ve spent too much time in the Library and are in need of sustenance. Let’s see what The House has to offer, shall we?”

Juniper joined Master Mystera in climbing the stairs; as they neared the front door she could already hear the gathering of Masters inside, laughing and debating.

Another night in The House of Keahak. Juniper smiled, she was going to like it here. But first, pizza!

The House always ready; delivered the steaming hot cheesy pizza directly into her hands.

to be continued…


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