Meeting Morningstar

Juniper woke up in her room in the House of Keahak. All was quiet, the sun had not yet risen, but the sky had started its process of leaching the black ink of the night sky, to make way for the day’s light, turning blue around the edges.

Juniper got out of bed to stand by the window and look up at the sky. The morning star was shining brightly, low over the horizon. Juniper stared at the star that seemed to blink in answer to her watching. The thought made Juniper smile and suddenly ready to start her day, she turned and headed for the shower.

The circular forest of trees has been begging for a closer investigation since the day she arrived. Nothing like the now moment, Juniper thought, as she headed out the House towards the forest.

Whilst walking across the lawn towards the first ring of trees, Juniper recalled what she had read in The History of Magical Architecture of the CCU, a volume presented to her by The Library, a few days after the introduction. It seems The Library had picked up on Juniper’s fascination with the trees and thought it would be helpful to deliver some literature on the subject. She was still making her way through it all, it seems the subject of Trees in a spiritual sense has been widely written about.

She wanted to start at the beginning so headed to the first tree planted at the University. It was a tree she had almost entirely missed as she ran full tilt to some-or-other meeting she was already late for.

Now walking serenely towards the central tree, she watched in awe as the first rays of the morning sun reached the tree.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Juniper jumped around to face the voice behind her.

“Oh! Hahaha, sorry dear, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Juniper caught her breathe, and replied, “Professor Adamus! What on earth are you doing here?”

“Ah, I always take an interest in students, who take an interest in my Architecture”, he smiled.

“Your architecture?” Juniper recalled The History stated The Architect of the CCU was a company called Adam & US. The revelation made Juniper giggle, “Adam & US, I didn’t make the connection.”

Professor Adamus turned solemnly towards the tree, now fully glowing from the morning sun.

“Would you tell me about the Trees, Prof. Adamus?” Juniper asked glancing sideways to see the reaction her question got. A sly smile and a deep breath before he started his story.

“The story of the University starts like almost all my lectures. With the circumpunct. Do you recall it Juniper?”

“Yes, Professor, the circle with the dot, representing Consciousness, the I Exist.”

“Yes, good, good. Now, look around you. Do you see it represented here?”

Juniper had, of course, already figured this out, but played along with the Professor, “The circular lawn and the Tree in its centre represents The Circumpunct.” The Professor smiled and then continued, “When the idea for the University first sprouted into awareness several thousand years ago, I knew I needed to ground the idea somewhere. So I created this space, planted the circular lawn, and then placed a sapling at its core. Charging it with rooting the awakening process for All Shaumbra as they experience their enlightenment. It’s a symbol of course, but it has grown big and strong as the community has over the years. An Elder tree, do you understand the symbolism?” the Professor turned to regard Juniper.

“Of course, Professor,” Juniper grinned, “The Elder tree is considered sacred amongst the old magical tribes.”

“Oh HAHA Magical tribes, how diplomatic Juniper! Go on you can say it, the Witches!”

Blushing now, Juniper giggled. “Yes, professor amongst the witches.”

“Wise women, all of them, Juniper. And yes, the Elder is mentioned in the Rede and proclaimed sacred. Never to be burnt.”

The Professor took a step away from The Elder Tree and turned to face The Oaks.

“Then I planted 9 Oak trees to stand as witness to The Elder. But also to represent The Arc. Planted in an arch, 9 oak trees represent the 144 000 angelic families represented in The Order of the Arc.”

Juniper did a quick calculation, that would be 1 oak tree for 16 000 families. No wonder they’re such behemoths, she thought but said nothing as the Professor turned to her with another question.

“Let’s test your witchy memory. What are the other 8 woods of the witch’s fire, Juniper?”

Juniper closed her eyes as a memory flitted to the surface of her imagination. She was 12 and her mother had put her to the test. She was made responsible for building the bonfire for the upcoming Beltane festival. Nine woods are required to build a proper witch’s bonfire. She had made her way into the forest early before sunrise and met The Lady by the Oak tree. She had spent the whole day collecting the wood, The Lady leading the way, from one tree to the next. They appeared now, one at a time, in her mind’s eye.

“Rowan for freedom. Birch for life. Ash for experience. Alder for Conciousness. Willow for Community. Hawthorn for the Faeries. Oak for the Light. Holly for the Darkness. And Hazel”, Juniper opened her eyes and looked the Professor in the eyes as she concluded, “for Home.”

Professor Adamus stood silently staring into Juniper’s eyes for a few seconds too long, it made her very uncomfortable. When he suddenly smiled and said, “You’ve updated those correspondences to the New Energy, I’m impressed Juniper.”

“Thank you, Professor, I’ve been thinking about the trees a lot. The old ways of protecting and defending don’t fit with our journey anymore, so I’ve been tinkering with the NEW meanings for them.”

“I know,” the Professor had turned suddenly serious again, “this is why I met you here this morning. You’ve been very successful at delving into the real meanings of things lately. So I have a special assignment for you. Actually, UA and I have already discussed this at length. Where is she anyway?”

I am Here Professor.
“Ah UA good, I was just about to tell Juniper about our plan.” The professor started walking across the lawn in the direction of the ring of Oaks. Juniper fell into step, now intrigued at what UA and the Professor had planned for her.

“You’re aware that Halloween is coming up, Juniper?”

“Yes, Professor I saw the flyer in The Library. I’m really quite excited about joining the Dreamwalk.”

“I’m pleased to hear it. I want you to bring someone along.”

“Professor, are you setting me up on a date?” Juniper winked at the Professor who was displaying rather unusual nervous energy.

“Oh! What a perfect idea. A date with the Devil! It’s good enough to be a book title” the Professor chortled to himself as Juniper found herself in that dazed-deer in the headlights-state.

UA? Did he just say a date with the Devil? “Professor, I’m sorry, did you just say a date with the Devil?”

UA and the Professor replied in unison YES.

Juniper felt her body go into flight-or-fight mode. Calm yourself, you know you can’t run away from me.

UA! A Date with the DEVIL??!!! What the…. Juniper thought, now feeling the stare of the Professor upon her, so she turned to face him, taking a deep breath, remembering this was an Ascended Master.

When she opened her mouth to ask something intelligent she was rather disappointed when all the body could come up with was “WHAT!? Like the Actual DEVIL??!!”

The Professor put a kindly hand on Juniper’s shoulder, looked her right in the eyes and said, “Well, he’ll probably come as something else for Halloween. But yes, the actual devil, Satan, Lucifer.”

“Morningstar!” Juniper suddenly exclaimed.

“Yes, Morningstar is another name he goes by, so is Samael.”

“No Professor. This morning, when I woke up I looked out the window and saw the morning star. It seemed to wink at me!”

“Ah, so he’s already reached out to you. That’s good. And you’ll be happy to know it won’t be a blind date. I’ve arranged for you to meet over coffee at the Masters Club in Colorado. You’ll need to use the Visitation Room and go to May 7, 2016, Shoud 9 of the Walk On – The Powerless Life Series.”

Juniper was about to interject that having coffee at the Masters Club with the Devil would, in fact, be a blind date, but the Professor was already on the move.

“Don’t worry Juniper, it’ll be fun!” he shouted as he vanished into thin air.


I am here Juniper.

A date with the Devil! Really? And you knew about this?!

Actually, it was Jen’s idea. You know how connected she feels to our witchy lifetimes right?

Sure, when she discovered Wicca she felt redeemed somehow, freer than she had been before surrounded only by Christianity, which made no sense to her.

Quite right. It was the start of her remembering. And we steered her then, to not delve too deeply into the old Wicca literature, but to go more on instinct. She took what she needed from it and left the rest. Then, when she recently did Ancestral Freedom, she released the ancestral link to the old magic. So now, new magic and new understanding are flowing in. 

Okay, but what does that have to do with me dating the Devil?

You know how witches were branded as devil worshippers?

Yes? But wasn’t that the church making up stories in order to get rid of the pagans?

Yes in a way that’s true. The Church did indeed embellish on the truth, but the connection between witches and what the clergy call the Devil was real. Off course, the witches didn’t call him The Devil, for they understood his true purpose. The keeper of the Darkness. And what did Tobias teach us about The Darkness, Juniper?

The darkness is your divinity. Juniper felt suddenly weak in the knees, luckily she was standing under one of the great oak trees so she sank down under its protective boughs to ponder what UA had just told her.

She took a deep breath. It wasn’t as if she was afraid of The Devil or Satan, or whatever he wanted to call himself. It was the ridiculousness of the request to go have coffee with such a being and then to accompany him on the Halloween Dreamwalk?!

Juniper’s mind’s eye replayed the morning’s “conversation” with the morning star. She sighed such a misunderstood being. A sudden rush of compassion came over her as she made up her mind.

Ok, UA, let’s do this thing! Let’s go meet the Devil!

Juniper made her way to the Library, gently pressing her fingertips to the archways as she entered. A little ritual she started, to show her gratitude to The Library. When she arrived at the Visitation Room, the winged-monkey gargoyle was waiting for her.

“Ah, there you are Ms Tree. Prof Adamus said you’d be right along. He’s already signed you in, you may proceed to the violet door.” Juniper nodded to the administrator, before ducking under its wings and making her way down the spiral staircase. As she reached the bottom she looked left, then right searching for the glowing door. Seeing none, she turned left and headed around the visitation room, still no glowing door.

UA? Where is it?

Turn to the room and close your eyes.

Juniper did as instructed and was rather amazed to be presented with a violet glowing door in her mind’s eye. It was right in front of her. She opened her eyes, and the door in front of her looked normal again. Closed her eyes and it was glowing.

UA? What’s going on? It’s not behaving like it did before?

Its ultra-violet Juniper, you can’t see it with your normal eyes. This is because we’re heading to a space that only exists in imagination on that day. The Master’s club doesn’t official open in the 3D world until August of 2016. But because the declaration to open the club happens on this day, the BON is able to present it to you, as it will look when it’s finished. Just close your eyes then open the door and walk through. It will work exactly as it did last time. Remember to breathe!

Juniper closed her eyes, still processing what UA had told her, and was immediately presented with the ultra-violet light glowing door. It seemed to hang in nothingness. Taking a few deep breaths to prepare for the BON, Juniper reached out and opened the door.

The feeling of travelling via BON was ever so slightly different this time. It seemed smoother, not as jarring and this time, she knew when she had arrived.

Juniper opened her eyes to May 7, 2016. She had arrived again, with her back facing a wall, in what will become the brand new Master’s Club. The image of the Club was still fazing in, Juniper could make out exercise bikes lining a wall, just as they disappeared and were replaced by small round café tables and chairs. All around her the imagining became clearer until there it was, so clearly she could even smell the freshly roasted coffee. She turned to take in the bronze plaque on the wall behind her. A proud moment for Shaumbra this will be.

On the monitors dotted around the club, she could see Adamus already well into the Shoud of the day. She focused on what he was saying:

“By the way, congratulations on your Masters Club (audience applause). Do you know how long it’s been in the coming? How long it’s been since Tobias, Kuthumi, any of us, myself, have been waiting for you to declare yourselves Masters, put up a sign, act like Masters? It’s all an act, and all it takes is somebody being bold enough to say, “Damn right, we’re Masters,” put a plaque on the wall, therefore you are. It’s all really that simple. And the whole premise of ‘it comes to you’ is that simple as well. It’s not a lot of hard difficult steps. It’s giving yourself permission. It’s the act of consciousness, which is acting. Well, of course, it’s acting.

Some people will say, “Well, yeah, but you’re just acting like you’re a Master.” Well, you’re acting like you’re an asshole. I mean, it’s like … “

Juniper could only laugh, he’s on a roll today! She brought her attention back into the Masters Club suddenly remembering why she was there. So… where was he then? she thought.


I am here. I think he might be a bit shy.

The Devil!? Shy!? Oh, come on!!

No really, this is quite a big deal. Why don’t you go sit at one of the tables and I’ll conjure up some coffees? I’m sure he’ll present himself soon enough.

Juniper did as UA suggested and headed towards one of the small round tables, pulled out a chair and settling in. UA was back almost immediately, here you go, nice hot coffee.

UA slipped one coffee in front of Juniper, and another in front of the empty seat across from her. Juniper took a sip from her coffee with her eyes closed, savouring the taste. Good coffee! When she opened her eyes, the seat across from her was no longer empty.

He had arrived.

Right. So we’re going with tall, dark and handsome then, she thought taking in the mess of curly black hair on top the handsome face with a serious 5 o clock stubble, loose-fitting grey t-shirt.  Juniper cocked her head to take in the bare feet protruding from faded ripped jeans.

He knows this is the Master’s Club right UA? Juniper thought. I mean really? He’s presenting like a homeless surfer dude?!

Before UA could respond and before her very eyes, the image changed. Now with an Italian bespoke suit; black, tie; black, shirt; black and leather brocade shoes; also black. Gone was the mess of hair, now cleanly cut and combed. No stubble either.

Juniper suppressed the giggle building up inside of her. Closed her eyes again and took a breath. Then she leaned across the table and whispered to The Devil.

“Those were two extremes. Why not try something in between…”, then sat back to witness the final transformation.

The bespoke suit was gone, now only a crisp white shirt rolled up at the sleeves and open at the collar. Back in jeans, this time no rips and only appropriately faded. The Italian Leather brocade shoes, black, were still on his feet.

Juniper took a deep breath because she was going to have to make eye contact at some point, to take the rest in. Deep breath…. Ok here goes.

Juniper made eye contact and the effect was paralysing. Those eyes!!! Like two miniature black holes. UA!!!!!

Seriously Samael, can you quit it already! Juniper has very graciously agreed to this meeting but hasn’t actually agreed to take you on the Dreamwalk, so you’d better behave! Juniper breathe, it’s ok, Samael is just teasing.

Juniper breathed to reassure herself. Then opened her eyes and tried again. This time she was met with eyes so blue you wanted to dive into them. Juniper closed her eyes again and shook her head. Then opened again and the eyes had changed to green. Juniper didn’t think she’d ever seen this green before, but it made her want to roll in them. She closed her eyes again, and this time with a frown to express her impatience growing, she shook her head. Took a breath then opened again.

There you are she thought. Brown eyes, nothing special apart from the fact they were very dark, so dark they were almost black with just a fleck of gold to be seen here and there. Finally, the eyes fit the rest of the picture.

This thought, bought Juniper a smile from The Devil that dazzled the imagining of the Masters Club to such an extent an exercise bicycle appeared for a split second where the table was, then back again.

“You’re going to need to turn down the charm by oooooh 50%.” Juniper said.

The Devil responded by turning down the charm. It was a tangible feeling. Juniper felt almost relieved.

“That’s much better. So? What should I call you, because I don’t think we can have a discourse with me calling you The Devil?”

A voice like melted chocolate responded, “Well, UA calls me by my original name, but this is appropriate as she knew me then. For us Juniper, I would really appreciate an individual name. You can choose it.”

Juniper felt into it for a moment, now relaxing into the situation enough to take a sip of coffee. Then responded, “How about Morningstar?”

“Mmmm… a tad formal don’t you think?” The Devil was also relaxing now, crossing his legs and leaning back into the chair with his coffee.

Juniper thought to herself: Morningstar too formal. Lucifer too Biblical. Satan, over my dead body. Ok, so what’s left? Think Juniper think.

I am here. Juniper stop thinking. Name the man before you. Feel it.

Juniper stopped thinking, took in the image of the energy presented to her in this drop dead gorgeous specimen of a man, and blurted out “Oscar!” It surprised even her.

Oscar smiled! It dazzled but didn’t charm the knees like before. Juniper liked the effect, but now felt a tad shy as she asked uncertainly, “Are you sure you like it? I mean I’m not entirely sure where it came from?”

“I am,” Oscar said, “watch the Shoud and I’ll tell you the story, the timing is perfect, Adamus is about to ask Shaumbra a question.”

Juniper turned to the monitor and zoned into the Shoud that had been ongoing all the while.

ADAMUS: Okay, second question. Good deep breath with this one.

LINDA: Uh oh.

ADAMUS: Go ahead, get the microphone ready before I ask the question.

LINDA: It’s ready.

ADAMUS: Put it to somebody’s mouth.

LINDA: Right now?

ADAMUS: Yeah, and then I’ll ask the question. I want to see the surprised look on their face, because the camera is going to be pointing at you.

LINDA: You can hold it (laughter).

ADAMUS: Camera.

LINDA: Hold it close.

ANTJE: Okay.

ADAMUS: Good. What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment? (Linda gasps) What is Satan’s greatest accomplishment? Aah! We shouldn’t be talking about Satan!! (Adamus chuckles)

ANTJE (woman): Um, I’m so sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

Juniper turned to Oscar at that moment as he was laughing so hard he was having a difficult time staying on the chair. Juniper lifted her eyebrow and tilted her head, as if to say, it’s not that funny? But the laughter was contagious and soon she found herself laughing along. When it had subsided enough to resume the conversation, Oscar turned to Juniper and said, “Do you remember what your Human’s answer was to that question Juniper?”

Juniper connected to Jen in that moment and the memory flooded in.

“I’d give him an award for best acting performance in all of creation.”

Oscar smiled with a far-off look, as if the memory was pleasing, and said, “Yes exactly. And the image of an Oscar statuette flitted through her imagination. I think that’s how you got to the name.”

Juniper smiled. Yes, it did indeed seem to fit.

Juniper turned serious, realising they had not yet discussed the real reason for the meeting.

“So the Professor tells me you want to come to the Halloween Dreamwalk at the University.”

“Yes, and Adamus told me I needed a chaperone! Can you believe that?” Oscar replied.

Juniper did indeed believe that having just gone through the mind-bending experience of reaching Oscar so she could understand that a chaperone might be a good idea.

“Ok then. But here are my conditions. We’ll have to meet at an appropriate time before the Dreamwalk so we can check that your, erm, look shall we say, is still working. That’s one. Two, absolutely no Devil costumes on Halloween!”

“Agreed, I’m so over it anyway. May I present as a Pirate?” Oscar was getting into this.

Juniper smiled, “Yes a Pirate would be fine, there’s bound to be a fair number of them on the night. You’ll blend right in!”

Oscar rose from his chair and presented his hand to Juniper, who took it and stood to face him.

“I am immensely grateful to you Juniper. Thank you. Shall we say sunset, Halloween? I can meet you at your residence.”

“You’ll have to wait for me at the edge of the forest.” Juniper shrugged, “I don’t believe the House will permit you to enter her grounds as you’re not a Keahaker. The House is a stickler for rules I’m afraid.”

I am here.

Oscar’s response to UA’s appearance was an interesting thing to witness. He bowed his head as if in deference. How very interesting.

St Germain has created a portal for you next to The Elder. You will have to wait for Juniper there Oscar until she collects you. Remember, the agreement is that you are to be chaperoned on this night.

“Then I shall wait by The Elder for you Juniper at sunset?” Oscar had straightened and was looking intently into Juniper’s eyes.

“I’ll see you at sunset, Halloween night.” Juniper had only just spoken the words when the world around her dissolved back into the Visitation Room.

She felt suddenly empty. UA?

I am here Juniper. You did well!

Thank you, I think? What is the purpose of this?

We are creating a new potential. You and I..and Jen…and Jen yes off course. A potential for the energy of Samael to evolve along with the rest of us. It is time. Can you imagine what his true potential might be?

Juniper didn’t have an answer at that moment, and the BON magic had taken it out of her.

It is okay Juniper, I’m sure Oscar will tell you all about it on your date!

Oh good lord, here we go, Juniper thought. Don’t you start teasing me about this, I’m just playing along with your plan here! Pffft… Juniper stomped out of the Visitation room and headed straight for the Pirate’s Pub and a stiff drink.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Meeting Morningstar

  1. I will greet you with a Red Devil…

    1 1/2 oz vodka
    1 1/2 oz peach schnapps
    1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort (peach liqueur)
    1 1/2 oz sloe gin
    2 oz triple sec
    2 oz orange juice
    1 splash grenadine syrup

    Mix alcohols into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Add the juice and grenadine, and shake.

    I looking forward to read the follow up later on, this is getting better and better.

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