dogpeeingMeet Miss Pissy. He’s an aspect of mine who made his appearance not long after listening to Prognost 2017 for the first time. I became aware of his presence, by the puddle I seemed to constantly be standing in. I’d look down into his little face to ask; why so pissed? His answer…another puddle.
Right about then, I commented on a Keahak forum post. As a response I received from Knowing Master Ahaahh!! a beautiful image of a glorious tree; beneath it a bench…the master already there and waiting. So after listening to the channel a second time, I sent Miss Pissy to go speak to the Master. This is how it went.

There he is. I’m going to give him a piece of my…Miss Pissy spotted The Master on the bench and headed straight for him.
“Ah Miss Pissy! Come to enjoy the view?” The Master remarked as Miss Pissy trotted up to the bench.
“I’m here to show you how I feel about Prognost 2017” Miss Pissy declared as he stepped forward and lifted his leg to relieve himself right onto The Master’s right shoe.
The Master cocked his head at Miss Pissy and then proceeded to laugh… loudly… from the belly, tears rolling down his cheek.
His laughing so intrigued me, I decided to join the conversation. I walked up and sat next to The Master, still laughing uncontrollably, Miss Pissy now sitting perplexed at his feet.
I allowed The Master his jolly moment, and turned my attention to the view. It truly was amazing. Nature. Miss Pissy immediately picking up on my energies, hopped onto his feet, walked right up to my left foot, lifted his leg and relieved himself.
The Master, who had only just gotten control of himself, lost it all over again! A Master laughing is a really contagious thing, so I soon found myself joining in.
When things finally settled down, The Master returned his gaze to the nature.
“A sense of humour” I suddenly blurted out. The Master only smiled and said…continue…
“It’s another sense isn’t it? Humour is a sense.” The Master turned to me and said…”And…”
“I’m pissy about PG17 AND through using my sense of humour, now I finally know why.”
“There’s a couple of things. The first one is all this talk of the Dream State! So the pissiness is about envy really. I’m envious of those who get to experience the dream state and still remember it when they wake up! I think I created Miss Pissy when I let go of trying to remember my Dreams years ago.”
“Don’t try. Allow.” The Master was having a Yoda moment. “You’ve realized something else by acknowledging this haven’t you?”
I sighed. “I can use my sense of imagination to visit Theos with my bridge.”
“Precisely. Your Very Well Developed sense of Imagination,” The Master said pointedly, “AND you know why you don’t remember your dreams.”
I signed again…Miss Pissy now curled up at my feet, deflated. “A safety mechanism. To keep my human self, sane.”
The Master turned to me, “Your Gnost stirred when I mentioned that some of you went there to start a Library. You felt a knowingness when I talked about those of you who teach there. You are such a one. But you already knew that. When you go to sleep, IAM goes AND, multi. Your human is a discoverer, even a glimpse of the AND, the many, before she was ready, would have changed the course you had set for yourself, here on Earth. Now you are ready, now you could start to awaken with memories of your dream state. With Your bridge. If you allow it.”
The Master turned back, “Is there more?”
“I thought there was, but now…
The Master stopped and took a breath, then turned back to Nature and said, “About that story idea. You know, the one you scribbled about on an empty contact lens box. An empty box just lying there, waiting. Stop holding back.”


Postscript from The Writer



After posting this on the forum, Miss Pissy joined me in my imagination, where he politely asked to be called Harold.



Image credit for Miss Pissy:

Image credit for Master on the Bench: Master AHAAHH!!

Thank you for reading! The Writer runs on coffee …

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