Teaching NEwbies

Juniper found herself sitting in the waiting room outside Professor Adamus’ office. She had been summoned. The waiting room, with its comfortable leather chairs and shiny wooden furniture, was empty save for herself. UA was nowhere to be felt.

She could hear the Professor having a conversation with someone in his office. Just the murmuring, no detail off course. She relaxed a bit and reached for the book on the coffee table. Might as well read something, she thought.

She lifted the well-worn leather-bound book from the table and turned it sideways to read the title on the spine of the book.

“You can come in now Juniper!” The Professor’s call pulled Juniper’s attention away from the book, which she slipped back onto the table before heading for the office door, which now stood wide open, light streaming through huge north facing windows.

The Professor was standing by the window, silhouetted by the sunshine he was enjoying; but turned to her as she entered.

“Please have a seat, Juniper.”

Juniper moved towards the chairs on her side of the antique mahogany desk, the Professor sliding into his very comfortable looking chair on his side of the desk.

Right, Juniper thought, it’s to be all business then.

And the Professor didn’t waste any time opening the conversation with, “You have to teach a class.”

“What? Outrageous! I’m busy with my Master’s Thesis. I have hardly time to eat. And you want me to teach?” Juniper felt horrified, then looked at the Professor impeachingly and said, “Really?”


Juniper saw the resolution in the Professor’s wickedly, kind eyes. There was no wiggle room there.

“Who?” Juniper’s dread was growing, so she was following the Professors lead on the one word conversation.

“Angels” he replied.

Juniper understood precisely what he meant. She’d seen them around campus from time to time, floating about not quite grounded in the gravity. Wispy. Angels. NEwbies as they were affectionately called by those knowingly termed OEld-timers. Juniper knew she was an OEld-timer, even though she didn’t look like it. By way of Old Earth. OEld-timer. That was her alright.

The reality of what the Professor was asking was setting in.  Teach a group of wide-eyed, bushy-tailed angels preparing for their first lifetime, as a human, on Earth.

The Professor had been following Juniper’s wordless processing of the mono-word conversation they had just had. Eyes locked the whole time. Juniper blinked first. Moment over.

“Ascended Masters mentor Masters. So it seems only fair that Masters should mentor angels, right?” the Professor smiled, releasing the tense energy that had been building in the room.

“Check Mate, Professor.” Juniper replied. “Better tell me how this is supposed to work.”

The Professor sat up and reached for a piece of paper and said, “You’re in Lecture Hall 11:11, it’s been especially constructed for Angels to experience bodies for a short time.”

This piece of information had Juniper gaping. The professor however now jaunty, hopped out of his seat and approached Juniper, “Don’t overthink it Juniper.” She stood up sensing the end of the interview, although the questions were only now bubbling into her awareness. Before she could formulate a question, the professor said, “Oh, by the way, you have this class once a month. For 9 months.

Professor Adamus looked at Juniper as if to say “And you know what happens then..”

For some reason the only reply Juniper could muster was … “Fuck”.

The Professor giggled; then pat her on the shoulder and said, “You’ll be great” before disappearing into thin air with a slight poooofff.

I hate it when he does that, Juniper thought, before realizing she was still standing in the Professor’s office. “The Book!” she suddenly remembered, striding purposefully out to the waiting room and the book on the side table.

She lifted it carefully tilting it once more to take in the title on the spine. It read:


Ah, you found my old book.

Startled, Juniper jumped to the side, letting go of the book in the process, which floated peacefully into the waiting hands of its author, almost in recognition.

How nice of you to join me UA!

You handled yourself rather well I thought. I was always here Juniper.

Well okay then, mind explaining the book to me? I’m to teach in lecture hall 11:11, then the book, and then it’s written by you?

And by you.

Juniper squeezed her eyes shut, too much, it’s too much!

Breathe Juniper.

UA was suddenly very close, the breath came easy and did the trick. She opened her eyes to find the book back in her hands.

Read it. It’ll help you understand how the lecture hall works. Which I know will put you at ease. Plus I’m quite proud of it. I wrote it a long time ago, well actually, it’s also not yet written.

UA!!! No more mind bending please!!

UA giggled and continued, I wrote it as an instruction manual after we completed the first phase of the Library. Which was created using Synchronized Awareness.

Okay. I’ll read it. It sounds fascinating, but it doesn’t solve my most immediate problem. What exactly am I supposed to teach these NEwbies?

You didn’t think this class was unrelated to your thesis did you? The class is entitled THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE IN CYCLES. I think we should focus on the 9 core energies and their role in the movement of the cycles.

Juniper could finally breathe. I can work with that, she proclaimed…to no-one. UA had disappeared again, nowhere to be felt. No, that wasn’t true. She was still there AND she was elsewhere.

Feeling rather excited about the new potentials, she gripped the leather bound book she had written, but not yet read, and headed straight for the Pirate’s Pub. A strong cup of coffee was in order.






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