Juniper headed towards the town’s center and the Pirate’s pub at an easy pace. She was mulling it all over in her head. Nine lectures. That’s all she gets to teach these NEwbies something useful to prepare them for their first lifetime as a human. Nine!! This was insane.

She peered down at the book in her hand, wondering exactly what this Synchronized Awareness could be used for. A niggle in her belly told her that the opportunity to teach in Lecture Hall 11:11 was going to be learning experience all its own.

She entered the pub, which was currently play-acting as a coffee shop. It seemed to morph from coffee shop to pub as was needed. Juniper spotted the perfect empty table, next to a window overlooking the town square. The table was clothed in dappled sunlight filtered through a dashing Poplar tree on the sidewalk. As she sat down her left hand found the ear of the already-waiting cup of coffee. Juniper lifted the cup to her nose and breathed in the aroma…

“Almost don’t need to drink it, hey!?” Juniper turned with a smile to greet Jaziel, “Just the person I was hoping to bump into. Please sit.”

Jaziel sat opposite Juniper and peered at the book now waiting in the center of the table.

“Ah! You’ve found a classic!” he said, then leaned back in the chair and locked eyes with Juniper across the table, knowingly, “They’ve asked you to teach, haven’t they?”

Juniper could only giggle. Good old Jaziel, can’t get past those senses. “Yes, they have. And in Lecture Hall 11:11 to boot!” Juniper sipped at her coffee and relaxed into it. “So go on, I know you know something! Out with it!”

“Have you read it?” he said pointing at the book, “everything you need to know about that Lecture Hall is in there. Best get too it, it’s a real page turner. I’ll leave you,” he said as he stood, “and I’ll make sure no-one disturbs you until you’re done.”

Juniper stared at the book, musing once more, “Here I am, alone with the book I have written but not yet read, and a cup of coffee.”

A sip of coffee, a conscious breath, and then she pulled the well-worn leather-bound book to her and opened it.

What happened next shouldn’t have surprised Juniper, but never-the-less did.

She was no longer in the Pirates Pub, she was now standing at the edge of a bridge, and UA was waiting.

Welcome to our bridge Juniper.

UA…what’s happening, I was just going to read the book. Juniper looked around her but there wasn’t much to see but UA and the Bridge.

You are reading the book Juniper. AND you’re here with me. You’re dreaming. Sort of. I activated your imagination sense to its full capacity to bring you here to experience what the book can teach you in a different way. It’s more efficient. And more fun!

Juniper smiled at UA, who was beaming.

I’m in your hands UA. Where are we going?

I wanted you to see it at the beginning. The New Earth. Well, actually we’re not going all the way back to the beginning, I’m taking you to the point where we are about to activate the Library. With Synchronized Awareness. You will only be able to observe, not interact; understand?

Juniper nodded distractedly as the idea bloomed in her head that she was about to time-travel.

Look at our bridge Juniper, what do you see?

Juniper turned her attention towards their bridge. It was wide and shone from within. She stepped closer to inspect it.

It looks like crystal?

It is. Sort of. Close enough. 

The crystal-sort-of bridge shone from within, and the colors were indescribable. New colors that played with Junipers vision. Our bridge, Juniper said with reverence

Yes. Our bridge. Attraversiamo? UA bowed to Juniper with a mock flair and dramatic gesture to the bridge.

Yes. Let’s cross over.

Juniper and UA stepped onto the bridge. Sensations abound! Juniper felt the bridge move, the feeling almost reminiscent of those moving walkways at airports….almost and yet not even close.

The bridge led them all the way to the Archway entrance, of what would become, the Library. Only the Archway stood, the entrance of the building – but no building. Yet. The rest of the University buildings, the oak trees, the forest. None of these existed here. Juniper turned towards The Elder. The only other element from her “There”.

The Elder was a mere sapling.

Look. UA whispered in Juniper’s ear, drawing her attention back to the entrance of the Library. A group of Masters were congregating in the archway. There was the Professor, looking exactly as he did this morning in his office. Juniper squinted and thought, “EXACTLY like this morning” before turning to UA questioningly.

You had better let go of Time here Juniper, or you’ll get muddled. It doesn’t matter. Watch. We’re about to start the process of awakening the Library, using Synchronized Awareness.

“All set Professor. We’re ready when you are.” Juniper gaped as UA stepped into the story becoming part of it in a way that made Juniper question her sanity for a moment. Like she had always been there.

“Ah UA, good. Let’s get everyone in their places.” The Professor gestured to The Librarian, who stepped up and did her thing. Projecting her voice, whilst not raising it, was simply magic, Juniper realized, but such beautifully, graceful magic. Her voice appeared privately at each Masters ear, announcing it was time to get into place.

The Masters stepped closer and formed a circle stretching to either side of the Archway, on both sides. The Archway now stood in the center of a circle of Masters. It was Merlin time, Juniper realized, and focused in close, not wanting to miss a moment.

Then to her utter amazement, UA stepped into the circle and took her place in the center, right under the highest point of the archway. UA lifted her eyes to meet Juniper’s and mouthed, “Oh Be Ahn”. As shivers ran through Juniper’s body, the scene seemed to stretch and shrink at the same time.

The circle of Masters, which started off numbering about 50, seemed to multiply in a sudden AND moment. It felt so full, but Juniper couldn’t even begin to try to put a figure to it. All of these energies stretched, or no squeezed into…Juniper let go of space along with time. The Archway was still the same, but there was many more Masters now present in the circle.

UA lifted her arms in greeting and proclaimed, “Oh Be Ahn” before bowing to the assembled Masters.

“The Moment for awakening The Library has arrived. It was known that the 11:11 Synchronized Awareness of Earth will reach sufficient gravity to awaken the Library on 11 November 2011. The potential is set. The moment is now. You know what to do.” UA bowed again and upon straightening she closed her eyes and took a visible breath.

Juniper wasn’t alone anymore, Professor Adamus had tracked her down. Walking over to her and “out” of the story as though it was the most common thing. She peered around him to see that he was also still standing in the circle.

“I thought you might enjoy a bit of commentary.”

Juniper twisted to keep her eye on the ceremony as the Professor blocked her view, “What’s happening now? I don’t want to miss anything.”

Prof Adamus took his place at her side, so as to view the story from the same perspective. UA was Juniper’s main focus, standing in the middle of that circle!

“What’s she doing?” Juniper peered quickly at the professor before turning back to the Story.

“UA is quite the bright spark you know. She was instrumental in coming up with this whole idea. Oh, she had help, off course from others, but none the less, it was UA who first came up with the idea of using Humanity’s Synchronized Awareness of 11:11 on Old Earth, as a source of Magic here on New Earth. A magic which will reach its zenith all over the Old Earth on 11:11 11 November 2011. The ceremony you are about to witness will bridge that moment of awareness from each Master present, somewhere, some time, on Old Earth to here, on New Earth.”

The professor suddenly turned to Juniper, and said, “You must let go of time. Understand that even though we have pin pointed a moment, a day on earth where the energies are at their peak, what we will do in this ceremony is weave all moments of awareness of 11:11 on Old Earth across All Time.”

Turning back to the story, the professor added almost wistfully, “Even the Egyptians had it you know? They would walk past sun dials at precisely 11:11. You think it’s a modern phenomenon. It is not.”

Juniper let go of time and felt to UA.

“She’s going to anchor each moment projected by each Master into the Library, through the Archway. Isn’t she?”

“You know UA. Wouldn’t let anyone else do it!” the Professor was joking, but Juniper saw there was something he wasn’t ready to share. Distracting her from that thought, he continued, “As the Old Earth turns on this day, this shared, synchronized awareness is handed over from one soul to the next, one minute at a time. Can you see it Juniper?”

She could, Juniper realized, she could see the Earth turning and points of awareness along the timeline flickering on, then off, as the next minute took over, off, on. A wave of flickering awareness ran the length of the globe as she turned lazily through time and space, on that day.

In the story, something very similar was happening. Masters grew bright in turn for a moment, on, then off. The relay race of Synchronized Awareness was under way. Juniper’s focus turned to UA, who looked as serene as an Angel. Floating about a foot of the ground. The little lights of awareness came travelling to her from the circle of Masters along the floor, to right underneath her floating feet. Then up, into and through her body, out the top of her head and into the Archway of the Library.

Magic. Pure and simple.

“The Library will act as the depository for the magic. It will give it awareness. It will know you from your synchronized awareness moment. Each one as singular as a single snowflake. The Library will use this magic to create the rest of the University, here on New Earth.”

“I had better get back, it’s nearly done. There’s going to be a party afterwards. See you later Juniper, enjoy the experience.” The professor walked back into the story.

Juniper watched as the last light of awareness traveled from Ascended Master St Germaine to UA and up into the Library. The Archway glowed. UA descended back gracefully to the floor and bowed.

The room erupted with cheers, when a voice boomed, “It is done. Let’s party!”

The scene changed abruptly. Only UA remained, standing facing Juniper.

Come feel. UA took Juniper’s hand and led her to the Archway. Once again, Juniper stood with her hand on the polished wooden surface. The same familiar glow started in her hand and crept up her arm, but the “voice” that came was different; new.


Juniper looked to UA questioningly? How does it know me already? We only meet “There”. “There” it didn’t know me, I had to introduce myself.

I asked The Library to play along. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. There is a time and a place for all stories Juniper. UA smiled. Time to go back.

The bridge appeared at Junipers feet and immediately started moving back to “There”, where it ended at her chair in the Pirate’s Coffee shop.

The book was still in her hands, but she was on the last page. She must have read the book also. Nifty, she thought.

She reverently closed the book and took her last sip of coffee.


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