Juniper was relaxing into the lecture now, walking across the stage, she took in the auditorium full of Angels preparing for their very first lifetime on Earth.

“Welcome to the phases of life on Earth,” she said. “Before I continue with the lecture, are there any questions?”

Almost immediately hands shot up all over the auditorium. They seem to have lost their inhibitions and were ready to talk.

Juniper, slightly startled at the number of questions continued, “Uhm. Oh. Okay. You, in the front row.” She pointed to a NEwbie, who was occupying a male body in white overalls. Juniper noted that the colour of the zip had mysteriously changed from white, to blue.

“Everyone keeps reminding us that we won’t remember anything taught at the University once we’re born. Is this really true?”

Juniper looked the Angel in the eyes and replied, “Yes. Do not be fooled. The gravity of Earth is unlike anything you have ever experienced. The veil is thick and the amnesia very, very real.”

A murmuring crossed the auditorium like a wave, the male NEwbie with the blue zip, bolstered by his fellow angel’s disbelief about the seriousness of gravity on Earth said, “Oh, come one! You OEld-timers always say this! And we’re pretty sure it’s because you don’t want us to have the experience for ourselves! We simply don’t believe you.” And then he stuck his tongue out at Juniper. She did note that this took him more by surprise, than it did her, however it still needed answering.

The whole scene had Juniper rather perplexed. Do they really not know? Do they truly not understand?

The declaration that these angels thought OEld-timers, like herself, were exaggerating the effects of the amnesia on Earth, had the whole auditorium on its feet and talking at the same time. Now take a minute, that’s 1500 Angels in newly formed pretend bodies, talking at the same time. It got loud. Very loud.

Juniper stood on the stage, strangely calm, observing this phenomenon. They were now behaving like a crèche of 3-year-olds. Perfect.

Ana, Juniper thought.


I knew I said we’d take it slow with the gravity, but I believe these Angels need a reality check. So, when I say. Please push gravity up to its upper limits. For exactly 10 seconds. Then back to where we are now.

Juniper slowly walked to the edge of the stage. Might as well make a show of this, she thought. Balancing right on the edge of the stage, she lifted her arms dramatically up over her head, palms facing upwards. Then slowly turning palms down, she sent Ana the signal, NOW!

As she lowered her arms slowly to her sides, she counted. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…by this stage all the NEwbies were slumped into their seats, some had their heads in the hands leaning forward. Some looked grey, others slightly green and there were now empty chairs where Angels once sat. “I’m going to get into so much trouble for this,” she thought whilst continuing the count.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

With the gravity released and back to original levels after some real Earth Gravity experience, the auditorium was hushed. You could hear a pin drop.

Juniper allowed the silence to be, checking in with ANA.

How many did we lose ANA?


Juniper took a deep breath before addressing her students, “That was 10 seconds of an assimilation of Earth Gravity. An Assimilation!! Even that wasn’t close to what it’s really like on Earth.”

Juniper looked over to the Newbie with the blue zip, “Any more questions?”

“Why do we even bother,” he looked up rather sadly to Juniper, “with the lessons, if we won’t remember anything?”

Juniper took a quick breath. Suddenly flooded with compassion for these Angels about to embark on the craziest roller coaster ride in all of creation. And it was a good question.

Juniper suddenly decided to change track. She walked to the edge of the stage and sat down, swinging her legs over the edge.

“It is a good question,” she started softly, “Why do we teach if you’re only going to forget everything?” Juniper felt deep within herself, reaching for UA’s wisdom. With another breath, she continued, “We teach because there is gnost that never forgets. We teach, because somewhere, somewhen, you WILL remember. Remembering is … realising the whole point, really. And I hope that when this happens you remember this class.”

Juniper stood back up and walked along the stage continuing, “I have designed this class, keeping this very fact in the spotlight. In this class, I speak to you with the language of the elements, because it is the only language that is present everywhere on Earth. So it doesn’t matter where you are born, or which language you will speak. Whether you’re born to a rich family in Switzerland or a poor one in India. The elements are present everywhere.”

Still walking from one side of the stage to the other she came to stop by the Newbie with the blue zip, turning to face him and said, “You will forget everything. And then, you will remember. It is part of the magic of Earth.” The Newbie with the blue zip nodded solemnly at Juniper with a shy smile.

Smiling Juniper felt now was a good time to get on with it, so said, “Let’s get on with the lecture.”

“The energy of AIR governs over your first 9 years of life. In this phase, you will learn… a lot. Much like you have learned a lot in this one class!” she joked.

“First you will have to get the basics down. Breathing and eating. Then comes walking and talking. And with each new experience comes a whole bunch of new ones. There is so much to learn and not much time to do it in. And all through your first 9 years there will be AIR to keep this process moving. Air supports the many new beginnings and new experiences to be had.”

Some of the best ones will be meeting the elements for the first time. Breath is rather crucial to existence, so if you don’t learn that one, life will be short. If you make it through this first test, you have many firsts to look forward too.”

“Meeting your mother, father, and possible siblings. Your first relationships. Experiencing nature firsts…grass, water, sky, stars, rain. So many firsts. Going to school, and playing with other children. Your first friendships.

And all along there is AIR to show you the way.

You will not experience this sense of all-things-new and the enhanced ability to learn, again, until you are 72 when the phases return to their start position.”

Juniper walked out from behind the lectern, “I’m not going to say any more today. And I want to end this first lecture on a high note. I think maybe we went a bit dark, early. So let’s lighten up the mood with a true AIR experience. ANA, whenever you’re ready.”

Juniper walked down the stage and took a seat on the side of the auditorium. She was keeping a watchful eye, she didn’t want to lose any more students. How was she going to explain that to the Professor?

In the auditorium, things were moving. Angel bodies were shrinking to around 5 or 6-year-old frames. Auditorium seats turned into soft couches, boxes of popcorn appeared at the side of each Angel, along with a juice box.

The stage gave way to a big cinema screen, and on it, the newest Disney masterpiece was starting to play. Juniper had truly enjoyed Moana, as the characters interact so vividly with the elements. She smiled realising this would most surely be lost on her 5-year-old students. But it didn’t matter. She wanted them to have a true AIR experience, and a good Disney masterpiece was full of things to learn. So she sat back to enjoy the movie with her students.



The first lecture was finished and the NEwbies had all returned from whence they came, full of their first movie experience. Juniper had thanked ANA for her safe space and had then run straight back to the House of Keahak. Once again…she was late.

Twice a month, Ascended Master Adamus St Germaine would visit the House to check in with those who dwell within its walls. Tonight was such a night, and she was late!

As she broke through the forest into the clearing leading to the House she was surprised to see a crowd gathering outside the house! She slowed down. Something was up.

Towards the back of the group, she encountered Master Brother John, “Evening Juniper? Just in time for the show!”

“What on earth is going on? Why is the House …” she faltered trying to find the right word, “glowing?” Juniper decided that was hopelessly inadequate but would have to do, giving Brother John a sideways glance not wanting to take her eyes of the House.

“We’re moving to Theos,” he replied reverently.

“Uhm…what now?” she retorted.

“The House is transplanting itself to Theos. Adamus just informed us at the start of his visit, and gave us the choice to stay inside and experience it, or come outside to watch it happen.”

Juniper had no reply for this, so turned back to the remarkable sight of the House of Keahak, uprooting itself. The House glowed with a blue light, and Juniper realised that glow moved down into the ground, where the foundations of the House should be.

But there, where the foundations should be, began to glow, her roots. And she was indeed shaking those roots loose. With a sudden lurch, the house tilted to the right and then swung to the left, exposing her roots. The House then lifted herself up onto her roots, so she was now floating about 10 meters above the ground. From this angle, the House looked decidedly like an octopus.

What happened next is hard to explain. With the House now standing on tippy toes, the surrounding space, including the lawn she was standing on, started moving.

Now to be clear. The House was not moving. Juniper was not moving. Brother John was not moving. Everything else was.

And then it was all over. The House now moved to Theos energy, started resettling her roots back into place. Juniper turned around to see if anything else had changed, but the University was still as it was moments ago.

She smiled to herself, she had been teaching about new beginnings all day and now she had just witnessed one herself.

“Come on then, they’ll be waiting to tell you all about it!” John called as he moved to enter the House, Juniper jogged to catch up with him and ask, “Who?”

“TADAH!!, Omiyeah, Jupiter… and the others inside off course!”

Juniper laughed. Off course TADAH!! and her other Keahak friends had opted to stay inside. OEld-timers get few new experiences, and a front row seat to the House moving to Theos was all new.



Thank you for reading! The Writer runs on coffee …

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