Sensory Overload


Less than a whisper, more like a vibration rippling across the void.

Juniper opened her eyes to nothing. The Void. A panic arose in her almost immediately but was quickly stilled by a conscious breath. In. Out.


Juniper, I am here. Good work on keeping calm. Nothing to fear, all is well.

“Nice to know. Why am I in a void?”

Sensory overload. The new senses coming online in quick succession on Old Earth, along with everything happening on that plain, and the revelations about Theos and then Wound of Adam. Jennifer’s system shut down for a while to process. But she’s coming back online now. So just relax and breathe.

Juniper relaxed. She found it was quite easy to do in The Void. There was no pressure to resist, relaxing was the most natural state. She focussed on her breath as UA had asked.

Right back on track.  You can open your eyes now, Juniper.

With one last breath, Juniper opened her eyes. She was back in her room in the House of Keahak, rooted in Theos.

Juniper let out a quick breath, sat up and checked to see if anything had changed. She found everything exactly as she had left it. But when is she? Had she lost time?


Yes, Juniper?

Juniper faced the mirror and UA appeared as her reflection so they could have a face to face.

“I think I’m owed an explanation. What just happened? I feel like I’ve missed something. Am I in the same time?”

“Firstly. Remember, there is no time. However, yes you may feel like you’ve lost some time.”

“WHAT?! How much time?”

“It’s nearly time for your next lecture.”

“UA! That’s a month?!?? I lost a month?”

“More like weeks. But it doesn’t matter. Time is irrelevant.”

“And what’s all this about Theos? And Wound of Adam? What did I miss?”

“You missed nothing. If you feel into it, you’ll notice you were there for it all, just in another state. “

Juniper felt into it for a moment and was not at all surprised to find that she did in fact ‘remember’ everything. She relaxed… a bit. It was still strange because she had no memory of obtaining the information she now held in her mind.

Why don’t we go for a walk? It’s a beautiful day, of course, and I believe there’s a gathering happening in the Town Circle.

Juniper agreed that a walk sounded great. So she ran through the shower, changed and headed out the door into the beautiful sunny early Spring day.

The exercise and clean air settled her nerves and she used her new sense of communication to check in with Jennifer. This brought a smile to both their faces, like friends seeing each other after a long absence. No words needed speaking. It was all in the feeling.

Juniper headed through the forest towards the Town of Crimson. It felt good to just be. All along her walk, she noticed Masters benching. New benches had sprouted like mushrooms around the forest and campus over the past few months, and the Shaumbra Masters were making good use of them.

When she reached the town circle, Juniper was surprised to find it quite occupied. There was at least 3 discussions going on, each with its own soapbox.

Juniper noticed Jaziel lounging against the short wall enclosing the perimeter of the town circle and headed towards him. Dressed in full Pirate regalia he was holding court to a small group of coming and going Shaumbra.

As she reached Jaziel, he looked up and said, “Hai Juniper! You must vote in our poll.”

“And what poll would that be, Jaziel?” Juniper replied smiling.

“I’m suggesting a name change for the Pub. From Shaumbra Pirates to Shaumbra Spiritual Pirates. What say you?”

Juniper suppressed a giggle, taking in Jaziel’s full Pirate costume and manner before replying, “Arrrrrr Matey! Such is mutinous talk!! I vote NEY.”

Jaziel smiled, winked at Juniper with his good eye, before turning to the next incoming Shaumbra who wanted to vote. Juniper backed away a little to an empty stretch of short wall and found a place to perch. So much going on! The energy was vibrating in the Town Circle. So she benched in her own way and took it all in.

To the front of the circle stood quite a large group of Shaumbra, discussing Adam and Isis. It appeared that some impromptu theater was being rehearsed.

On the far side of the circle, a discussion was ongoing about Theos, and to her right, a group of Masters was playing Charades! She smiled.

Juniper realized something has changed. New senses had come online. Communication with Jennifer on Old Earth seemed easier. Fine lines, she thought. The fine lines are dissolving.

The lines between Adam and Isis are dissolving each now free to find self-love.

Juniper sat on her short wall and felt into the gathered Shaumbra in the Town Circle. Her sense of beauty opened up first. The gathered Shaumbra were so sensual. Their energies vibrant, active and alive. She felt a deep sense of Gratitude towards the collective Shaumbra, realizing there was a unity there.

Through her sense of Communication, she felt the gratitude beaming from Jennifer, soundlessly, wordlessly. A great sense of Love enveloped her.

I am here.

I love you too, UA, Juniper thought with a smile, before sending the same love through the sense of communication to Jennifer.

Another unity.

And all is truly well, in all of Creation.

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