Spiral of Roses

It had been a great day. Juniper got home after a full day out amongst Shaumbra, catching up. As she lay her head down to sleep, utterly exhausted, she fell instantly into a dream state. Or was it? It took her a moment to realise it was a memory, and that she was still playing catch up.

She was standing in her room at the door with a note in her hand.

It read:

Please meet Prof Kuthumi in the rose garden.

She flipped it over and on the back, it read:


“Where the hell is the rose garden?” she thought as she leant against the doorframe to her room. The House immediately complied by delivering a map to the garden. It simply floated from the ceiling right into her outstretched hand, like a leaf falling from a tree.

Juniper gratefully patted the House, before closing the door and setting out at a brisk pace.

You didn’t make an Ascended Master wait.

The rose garden was situated outside AM Kuthumi’s office, positioned in a way that would allow him to gaze upon it from inside. She found him waiting in the centre of the rose garden.

The roses were planted in a spiral. Juniper realised this design would force her to walk past each bush in order to reach the awaiting Ascended Master.

Kuthumi noticed Juniper hovering around the perimeter. “Namaste! Come.. come..” he gestured with his free hand to Juniper, whilst slowly raising a rose to his nose, taking a long deep breath.

Juniper frantically looked for the entry point of the spiral. The bushes were packed close together, so there was no chance of cheating.

Flustered, Juniper ran around the outside looking and not finding, the entrance.

UA Help! Juniper called, squeezing her eyes closed.

I am here. Breathe Juniper, it’s right in front of you.

Juniper breathed, opened her eyes and indeed there, right in front of her, was the entrance. She sighed, realising Kuthumi was trying desperately to stifle a giggle.

She entered the rose spiral and instantly slowed. All the bushes were in full bloom. All the roses were red and the aroma hit her smack in the olfactory.

She stopped, closed her eyes and breathed it in deeply.

“Juniper!” Kuthumi’s call brought her back to herself as she slowly progressed towards the AM.

When she finally reached him she felt heady, a little dizzy and very, very mellow.

“Why do you doubt?” Kuthumi asked.

Juniper quickly came to her senses, the energy of the question spoiling her rose buzz.

“Errmmm…” The question had come completely left-field. Why is he asking me about doubt? Did I doubt recently? She had no idea what to say, but knew she couldn’t say that! She didn’t know where the toilet was from here, but it would surely be a stiff walk.

“I…eh…” she tried to look thoughtful while reaching for an answer.

“You…yes?” Kuthumi encouraged.

Make something up Juniper!

“Doubt is a virus” she blurted out!

“Those are Adamus’ words. Your own please….” Kuthumi was now folding his arms and tapping his feet!

Juniper stilled, closed her eyes, breathed deeply, “Why do I doubt?”

Finally, she said, “I really don’t know why Professor? I know UA is always here. She feels tangible and real to me. And I also know that I am her, as she is me. The doubt isn’t mine.” She said looking into his eyes.

“The doubt is Jennifer’s and she’s on Old Earth, so it’s not as easy as here on Theos.” she concluded.

Kuthumi smiled.

“Remember that next time you feel doubt here, Juniper. It is not yours and you are safe on Theos. Much of Jennifer’s doubt is rooted in past life experience and aspects who faced their fears and failed.

Truly, she is afraid of failing. Having mastered the art over the course of many lifetimes. Try to remember. It’s not yours. In so doing you help Jennifer realise the same.”

Juniper nodded as Kuthumi turned back to the rose bush he was pruning.

“Now about those angels you…oh, shall we say… lost during your first lecture.” Kuthumi turned slowly, showing a sly smile.

Oh damn! I thought it would be Adamus… Juniper thought as she stumbled a reply, “Oh yes… erm… I didn’t mean to scare anyone. I hope they’re all okay…” Juniper shrugged not really knowing what else to say. She truly did feel rather concerned that she’d maybe harmed them in some way.

Kuthumi beamed one of his best smiles, before replying: “No need to concern yourself about the angels. They exist. Nothing you do in your lecture can change that. Congratulations, you have succeeded where many have failed. You’ve actually given angels a real taste. Some of those who left during the lecture will try again. Some have decided to postpone…you might say. It doesn’t matter. You keep up the good work. Your next lecture is soon right?”

“Yes, it’s in a few days,” Juniper replied.

“Well, then I won’t keep you. Namaste dear.” Kuthumi returned to his roses whilst Juniper retraced her steps back out of the spiral of roses.

As she stepped out of the spiral, she woke up in her bed in the House of Keahak. It was the morning of her next lecture. Sometimes, time could be a real bitch.

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