Index Article 1.0

Juniper sat at her desk in the HoK, fingers poised over the keyboard of her brand new computer the House had just delivered. Ready to write her first article on the Index, as per Professor Kuthumi’s request. She was staring out of the window, her gaze far away.

She was trying to remember the process she followed in creating the Index. And the trying was getting her nowhere. Tiny bits of memory flitted in and out of her memory, but when she tried to fit them together, they scurried chaotically in her inner vision. It was infuriating.

She blinked. Coming back to her room and sighed loudly.

“Stuck, are you?” came from the bay window where UA was lounging in the afternoon sun, with a book on her lap.

“You sound like Yoda,” was all Juniper could muster.

“Talk it through,” UA offered, closing the book on her lap and giving Juniper her full attention.

“The memory is fractured,” Juniper began, “it refuses to stand still long enough for me to figure out the timeline,” she stopped to take a breath before continuing, “and there are gaps. Big, unexplainable gaps.”

UA unfurled from her sitting position and came to stand next to Juniper. “Memory should never be trusted, Juniper, not even here. Actually especially here. Memory is what you imagine it. Imagining the memory is actually statistically bound to give you a more accurate version of what happened.”

“What you’ve been doing is turning your sense of focus onto the memory. Which fractures it. Remember, like the graph Prof Adamus showed in the last SHOUD.”

Juniper perked up. Yes, she remembered the black and white hypnotic graph the Professor had used to make his point about the sense of focus. And indeed, with this image now in her mind’s eye she saw how her memory fitted into it. All broken up and messy.

“I get it. But it doesn’t exactly help my current dilemma. What should I write about, UA?”

UA took her time considering the question, turning slowly on the spot looking up at the ceiling, “Mmmmm, how about this. Creation requires no energy. That’s your opening sentence. Let it flow.”

UA retreated back to her seat at the bay window, curled her legs under her and dragged the book closer. Juniper turned slowly back to her keyboard and typed:

Creation requires no energy.

Juniper stopped. She had unconsciously decided to underline the word Creation. Now why would I do that, she thought. She reached her left hand across her desk, and a large dictionary appeared in it. She drew it closer, opened it and found the word Creation.

She read:

creation (n.)

late 14c., “action of creating, a created thing,” from Old French creacion (14c., Modern French création) “creation, coming into being,” from Latin creationem (nominative creatio) “a creating, a producing,” in classical use “an electing, appointment, choice,” noun of action from past participle stem of creare “to make, bring forth, produce, beget,” from PIE root *ker- (2) “to grow.

Juniper frowned closing the dictionary to look at the spine wondering why the House had chosen to give her an etymology dictionary instead of a normal one. It had been one of her favourites to use during the making of the Index, she suddenly remembered. And then it all started to tumble back.

It was an idea.

Juniper quickly opened the dictionary again and looked for the word, which she found highlighted.

idea (n.)

late 14c., “archetype, concept of a thing in the mind of God,” from Latin idea “Platonic idea, archetype,” a word in philosophy, the word (Cicero writes it in Greek) and the idea taken from Greek idea “form; the look of a thing; a kind, sort, nature; mode, fashion,” in logic, “a class, kind, sort, species,” from idein “to see,” from PIE *wid-es-ya-, suffixed form of root *weid- “to see.” In Platonic philosophy, “an archetype, or pure immaterial pattern, of which the individual objects in any one natural class are but the imperfect copies, and by participation in which they have their being” [Century Dictionary].

That’s how it started, she remembered. Reading the origin of the word, Idea.

Archetype, the concept of a thing in the mind of a God.

Another memory flitted into her mind’s eye. She turned to it and remembered her Thesis Subject meeting with Professor Kuthumi on her first day at the University. She remembered him asking:

“So UA. You’re taking little Juniper on a bit of an adventure then. Tell me, have you decided what the thesis will encompass.”

“44 Magic Archetypes to Awakening. Presented in 2 sets of pairs of 11.” UA replied. “Or at least that’s what the idea is currently presenting itself as. It seems to keep morphing.”

Juniper gaped in amazement at the memory. There it was. The Index. 44 Archetypes. It hadn’t been exactly for Awakening purposes in the end, but it did present in 2 sets of pairs of 11. The idea of it becoming an Index to the library had only happened later, but again as soon as Juniper tried to remember, she was faced with the fractured image. So she gave up.

She turned back to her keyboard, the only sentence typed still sitting there waiting…

Creation requires no energy.


C r e a t i o n.

Juniper abruptly reached out with her right hand and dragged her portable copy of the Index closer. Create was one of the archetypes. She flipped through the index to number 28. Create.


Yes, number 28. It’s the 4th level evolution of the number 1’s archetypal energy. She nodded agreeing once again with her choice in number. Nothing said, BEGIN or START like the number 1. Next, she turned to the written notes in her file. Here she found extracts from the linked SHOUD. It read:

Creator series – 7


“Create in broad strokes.”

“Observe it.”

“Do not worry about the mechanics or the details.”

“Simply allow it to take its divine balance.”

“You will be the painter of beautiful strokes. The mechanics of manifestation will be handled on other levels.”

Juniper turned back to her keyboard and typed her thoughts:

Creation requires no energy.

Manifestation does.

IAM creates.

Energy Manifests.

I create, “imagined” the Index by having an idea.

The “idea” was amorphous, it had only the faintest outline of a shape.

The manifestation memory is vague. I can’t quite remember the effort to make it. Manifestation requires no effort?

How I did…no… I didn’t work at it I played it into being.

There was no expectation.

I did it anyway. Because it was fun.

Manifestation = fun = energy is there

Manifestation = slog = energy is slow in being there, but still comes.


Juniper paused looking over her notes. It wasn’t exactly an article, but it was a start.

UA, noticing the break, stood up and gestured to Juniper, “Come let’s go for a walk in the garden.”

Juniper happily agreed and followed UA down the stairs to the ground level of the house, through the kitchen and out the back door straight into the breath-taking gardens of Theos.

UA led and Juniper followed down a garden path that ended in a small clearing. A bench, of course, was situated in the shade of a tree, Juniper noticed small, colourful gravestones dotting the garden of technicolour flowers.

“UA, what are those?” Juniper said pointing at the nearest gravestone. It was purple, and as she neared she saw the word SPIRITUALITY on it.

“What, or who was Spirituality?” Juniper asked as UA neared, thinking it must have been a pet or something.

“Aaaah, Spirituality. Oh, those were the days weren’t they Juniper?” UA was getting animated, “So much fun. All the lightbulb moments of awakening. The feeling of energies. The guides and angels all around. Yes, those were the days.”

“Erm… So this is a grave for…” Juniper trailed off hoping UA will complete her sentence, as she was utterly confused.

UA stepped back from the tiny purple gravestone into the middle of the clearing, spreading her arms and said, “This Juniper is my personal word graveyard. It’s where I bury the words that no longer serve us.”

“Look, over here I buried the word, BELIEVE. That’s when we kicked the belief systems to the curb. And over here NEW AGE!! AH! Talk about the good old days, packed with tarot cards, and crystals and bells and tie-dye!” she laughed turning again, this time pointing at a bright white gravestone that was slightly larger than the others, “and here, I buried the word, God.” UA became still as she crouched by the gravestone for God, Juniper joined her.

“When Professor Adamus started to use the word THEO to refer to All that Is, I came and buried this one. It was a good word. It served us all well. And now it rests here.”

They sat in companionable silence for a while, before Juniper mustered another question.

“Why did you bring me here UA?” Juniper asked quietly.

“I think it might be time to bury another word. The word, Energy. It’s been annoying me for quite some time. It’s so … dirty… affected… by all the Makyo we left behind with New Age and Spirituality.” UA now moved across the garden, looking for something. She stepped off the little circular lawn and into the flower beds, coming up triumphantly with a bright pink stone. “Perfect!” she exclaimed.

With the bright pink stone in her left hand, she lay her right hand over it and proclaimed, “Energy!” Lifting her right hand, Juniper saw the word was now engraved on the stone.

“Where should we place it?” UA asked.

“I suppose it would be most appropriate to lay it to rest between New Age and Spirituality. It kind of feels like their baby doesn’t it?” Juniper’s remark was met with a broad smile from UA.

They carefully placed the tiny bright pink gravestone between the others, taking time to transplant some flowers near it. “There, those will bloom in a bright purple to contrast the pink, it’ll be gorgeous.” UA stepped back to appraise their handiwork.

“Should we say a few words?” Juniper asked.

UA stood still for a moment before deadpanning, “Energy. It’s been real.” She then turned to Juniper indicating it was her turn.

Juniper snickered and then added slowly, as what they were doing dawned on her, “Creation requires no energy.”

UA smiled broadly but said nothing, simply turning from Juniper and skipping back down the garden path.

Juniper giggled watching UA’s joy radiating from her, before turning back to the tiny bright pink gravestone and whispered, “Bye now. I’ll come visit,” before joining UA and her skipping all the way back to the House of Keahak.





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