On Assignment

Juniper sat down at her favourite desk in the library. It faced one of the many windows that allowed light to stream in during the long days of study and new energy experimentation the Masters undertook at the CCU. It overlooked Kuthumi’s rose garden and allowed the scent to waft in through the open window.

Juniper was replaying her most recent meeting with AM Kuthumi in her head. The conversation started as it always did…



“Oh Coach, I should have Namastay’d in my porch swing! Instead, I ran to make it on time for this meeting because as per usual the memo of our meeting only came to me minutes before the meeting is due! Why is that?”

“You need the exercise, and moving energy is beneficial. After all, it’s the House of Keahak! Spirit in Motion, remember?”

“Yes Kuthumi,” Juniper responded only slightly rolling her eyes, whilst mopping her sweaty brow with her shirt sleeve.

“How may I be of service?” she said.

“You’ve heard of our need for standards I presume?”

“Only in passing, apparently there is an influx of students expected?”

“Precisely, as you know, the Library is huge and contains much wisdom and energy. New students often rummage around but get little done. Many simply get lost. The consensus in the Ascended Masters Club is that more direction is required. Your Master’s Thesis Index proved to be a great example of what could work. Therefore, we’ve decided to assign you the task of creating another.”

“We have relieved you of teaching duties for now. You are to create. Be the artist you are. Give us another Index. An encore as it were to the first one. But this time, it is to include your own wisdom. You have gathered much on your recent journey; I have been told.”

“Now that is the understatement of No-Time!” Juniper exasperated. “I was hoping for some time off, after… you know… all that!” she said, waving her hand dramatically about her head.

“There’s no rest for the embodied Master, Juniper. Only Destiny. This, it would seem, is yours. The Library likes you. You have a certain way with it, that others do not. It is as much your function as it is UA’s to Keep the Keys.

“Where is She by the way?” Kuthumi asked? “Her absence has been noticed.”

“I don’t know Coach, she said something about visiting a pavilion?” Juniper responded.

“Ah, of course, she would want to add her energy to it now that Yeshua has been and gone. I wonder if those two will ever make up their differences?”

“She doesn’t much like the many-souled man, Kuthumi. She never told me why, and I felt it best not to ask.”

“Wise as ever, Juniper. Some things are better left alone. Now run along, I’m expected at the AM Club shortly.”

Always running Juniper thought as she let herself out of Kuthumi’s office and made her way to the Library at a rebellious, leisurely pace.


Now staring out of the window she pondered her assignment.

Another Index and this subject of Standards. Professor always said we would be the standards, suppose this is me being it then, she thought.

Not an easy assignment, no wonder there wasn’t much progress on the subject at recent gatherings. To many minds working on this would only cause more confusion. Simplicity would be the key.

As this thought passed through her, the Library (ever a friend) delivered a book to her desk.

It was a strange-looking thing, decorated with stickers as though a child had gotten its hands on it. It looked vaguely familiar.

“Now what have you brought me?” Juniper said aloud as she pulled the book closer.

She flipped open the cover and was surprised to find that it was a Dictionary, of sorts. “What are you trying to tell me?” Juniper tapped her left index finger on the desk keeping beat to the tune currently streaming through her.

“Well let’s just see what you have for me then?” Juniper closed her eyes and opened the book at random.

Opening her eyes, she focused on QUASHEE…the entry made little sense but referred to further entry for QUASSIA.

Juniper scrunched her face wondering WHAT THE … when another word popped into her head.


Eureka! Understanding this term would certainly be a requirement for newbies.

Qualia – Essentially “associative comparison,” the mind’s way of understanding something based on that to which it can be compared or associated. A metaphor is an example of qualia as a way of illustrating a concept using something else the mind already understands.

“Well it’s a start,” she thought getting up to see her favourite Guardian to the Shouds.

She found him in his usual space, clipboard in hand guarding the entry to the Visitation Room. “Hello, my Friend, it’s been a while.”

“Well met, Ms Tree. I hear you’ve been exploring the other realms. It’s good to see you again. How may I help you?”

“Could you tap QUALIA into your knowingness, and see which Shouds pop up please?”

“Qualia… please stand by,” the Guardian became very still as only gargoyles could. “Ah, there are six Shouds mentioning this word.”

“Only six!” Juniper proclaimed. “Interesting. Please have copies of the transcripts delivered to my desk. Thank you!”

“No visitation today?”

“No my friend, I have an assignment, and visitations will have to wait for now. I sense an urgency with this assignment, and I’d rather not get waylaid by the visitation room. You know how even the No-Time can go wonky in there.”

“Understandable. Copies are awaiting you.”

“Thank you!” Juniper turned and headed back to her desk to find the six Shoud transcripts waiting for her in a very specific order:

Emergence #4 and #6, followed by Walk On #8, Wings #8, another Emergence #2 and lastly Wings #10.

Juniper noted that they were all Adamus materials. Rubbing her eyes wondering how long it was going to take her to review all of this she suddenly had a craving… for whiskey. It’s the middle of the day, she reprimanded herself, only to hear TADAH in her head going “IT SO DOESN’T MATTER!”

She pushed the transcripts into her bag and headed for the door, taking the time to wave to The Librarian, who was floating around, giving orders rather frantically to a variety of magical species newly employed to the CCU.

Things really have changed since my hiatus down under, she thought, as she headed to her usual reading spot at the Pirates Pub.

to be continued…

PS The Writer now has much reading to do… be right back.

Someone please remember to feed the cat.







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