Rainbow Bridge

Juniper’s going to be famous one day. You know that right Prof?

Yes, I could have told you that. Long ago. Well done for sending her to the CCU. I think she’s ready for center stage.

Well, you’re the Prof. So whatever you say. I’m ready to respond, as always.

My best student. Always.

You’re going to make me blush. Stop that. Let’s get on with the story shall we?

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🌈🌳 🦋🎩🌹

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Oh it’s the one where the butterfly emerges from her cocoon wielding a sword! Whilst the Magician beat his drum. How nice of him. I do like Magician’s, especially when they’re On Duty!


What do you think of your Avatar, Prof? Remember, the pink hat?

I love it! And yes… off course I remember. I remember everything. Like you!

Ok, Prof. That weaving went quite well. Let’s try another. Your turn.

That’s cheating you know. Using the kid like that! But ok. Good idea. Now, how am I going to do that? Let’s jazz.

#fruitoftherose #tobias

And that’s how it’s done. You know you’re going to be famous one day too, right? Hope you’re ready for that. I tried keeping you out of it, but to no avail. Welcome to the team!


LOL! The original Pirate Queen. Do you remember that life?

I remember everything, Prof. Like you, remember?

Well remember this. It’s your turn!

OH. Damn. Ok… One moment please. Let me just give this a little card shuffle.

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🌈🌳 🦄 #phoenix #alchemy

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Don’t think I didn’t see that. That University education is really paying off, I see.

Better late than never, Prof. Thank you for the good times! Let’s … oh no wait a second, I’m not done yet. Gotta do a thing, apparently it’s my turn. Brb.


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