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Juniper is on a role! Thank love! Ok so Prof… where were we? Oh yes… Standards. The first one is so bloody obvious do I really have to make a whole art piece just for that?! Are you sure?


Well. Ok then. Let’s see what we’ve got. Brb.


Juniper got to her desk in the Library to find a bottle of fine Irish whiskey with a note from her favourite Pirate.

You got this. Aaaarrrrrrr!!! Jaziel

Good old Jaziel, always there in the background, just doing his thing. Thanks my friend, Juniper communed to another Master across Time and Space, which was just a tiny shot of Irish whiskey away… Cheers!

Juniper was sipping at her first whiskey (remember, write drunk…aaaarrrr… We’re Pirate after all) oh… sorry got sidetracked..


As I was saying. As Juniper was sipping her first whiskey she suddenly became clear about another message on her desk. A cryptic set of items, i.e. energy, with a hand-scribbled note reading MoH. Clearly the note was from TADAH! … but what was she trying to say….


Juniper was always quick on the uptake. And smiled as she pinned another one on the board… Meanwhile….

LOL… meanwhile the writer had lost her place and forgot it needed a title. Ok. Done. BRB

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