Clear Decks

Right Prof! I’ve cleared the decks. Ready for… oh wait… I’m still behind by one artwork aren’t I?

Keep going… you’re on a roll now.

Ok then. brb

Ah… always on point Juniper, thank you. Yes I see that’s got to be the second Standard then. Which can only mean…

Artwork please…


There you go Prof. This one’s from me. Standard 2. Ancestral Freedom. A little side note to NEWBS…this is an ongoing process. Much like SES… you’re never really done. It keeps going. The good news is…once you’ve released the ancestors, they are then able to serve you…the Master.

Nice job that. Whoever made that piece, hope you’re paying them well…

She’s expensive Prof! But yes, I’m paying her… as much as my … oh no… hang on I feel you… freebie incoming.

Yes yes… I hear you… brb…

While she’s busy Prof… I’m still looking for that board you asked me to sit on… did you mean a plank? Are you sure it’s not just a bench?

LOL… get back to work….

Oh wait… did you mean bored? You can’t sit on a bored… oh wait .. actually you probably could… Right… I sense an eye-roll. Back to work then. brb.


Nicely done. Wrap this one.

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