Seriously? Another assignment… Prof, I’ve not even started the last one.

Funny… and God! Use rabbit hole… Ok… carrot please.

We’ve done this one already Prof, are you sure?

Yes and Yes… you’re behind. I’m owed two art pieces…get a move on.

Oh all right then…. brb


Ok, Prof. That’s 1.


What? You want me to Jazz?

OR… πŸ™‚

Ah… You want … well you asked for it… Let me just get her real quick okay?

Uhm… Prof. We might have a problem. She just communed… really… I could sense a serious eye-roll. Are you sure you want her? Just checking…

Yes. Only she can do this. Get her.

You asked…. UA waltzed through the still broken down doors of the Ascended Master club….

I am here… you called my dear.

Ok I deserve that, but can we drop it now please?

You drop it. How may I serve?

You do you.

UA took a deep breath,

It’s really simple people. SES is Standard #1.

UA then did that thing she does and was gone.

Not exactly what you were looking for hey Prof?

No. Not exactly.

Oh my friend, it’s ok. Let’s see if I can channel her.

The writer will now channel UA’s rant about #ses.

Yes…..Yeeees. Off course it’s a motherfucking standard. It’s the only motherfucking standard. Or at least the most important one. You’re going nowhere until you crack this one. So you know … back to school for most of you because here’s a little something you might not have known.

  1. You have to pay for the workshop. #energyexchange Or IT WONT WORK! Because Prof said so, not me… Him. But off course you have to pay for the material guys. If you pirate that shit… sorry for you!! No I know we’re motherfucking Pirates…but for this you’ve got to be Blue! Does everyone know what that means? Probably not, but that’s for another day.
  2. You have to actually DO THE WORK! This means that just watching the workshop and being all like “Yes, I’ve done #ses”, at gatherings is going to get you a whole lot of Master Eye Rolls from those that have done the work. Masters… you know. That’s what it means. You’ve Mastered the material.
  3. Lastly and most truly, if you do just this one workshop, just this one, AND do THE WORK, you’re ahead…

There Prof. How’s that?

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Juniper sent a little message yesterday already. She’s such a good student. Always does her homework. #antivirus.

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