Don’t be a writer, be writing…apparently, the wise men were full of well… wisdom. Makyo!

Don’t be a writer… be an artist!

Juniper awoke in a rainbow hammock on the porch of the HoK. It was a gorgeous morning on Theos. Everything was all sparkly and new from the morning dew. Paradise!

I’m in a rainbow hammock… Oscar!

Juniper did in a hammock what others really shouldn’t attempt… really. Just don’t! You’ll hurt yourself.

Oscar was gone!

“Oh Fuck, now I’ve lost him completely!!” Juniper said out loud to no-one as no-one was present. It was utterly deserted. Where was everyone?

She climbed out of the rainbow hammock which was floating in mid-air, not attached to anything just perfectly hammock’ed in the air by the house.

“Ah House, you are the true Master here,” she whispered lovingly.

The House responded by casting the rainbow hammock like a ball!

It landed at the edge of the forest, casting a perfect rainbow bridge.


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to be continued….

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